Insanity – emotions and panic

By Nathan Barton

America, our Fifty States, has some serious problems. But it is important (if difficult) to remember that we have an incredible amount of blessings by living in one of the Fifty, even if it is a hideous city or some horrific frontier or rural area. We have accomplished so much over a historically-short time, because of a combination of many things, not least of which is our form of governing ourselves. No matter how bad it is (and how much more worse it is getting), it is still better than 99.9% of humanity had had to endure.

Still, I am often amazed how how few people understand that, and understand common sense and essential facts.

The screams of outrage echoing back and forth across the world (and especially the Fifty States) after the two insane and sickening, heart-rending bouts of murder in El Paso and Dayton is an example.

It is not just the politicians, though we hear more from them. And it is BOTH old parties that have these people attacking anything and everything.

Is this emotional? Absolutely. Parts of sheer terror, parts of incredible hatred, and parts of uncontrolled gut reactions can be seen.

Is this panic? No doubt at all. Panic that “I’m (or my family member or a friend) next.” That my community is nothing but a big set of targets. That “nothing is being done.”

Where does this come from? Why the emotion? Why the panic?

Certainly, much of this is real: people are terrified. And that leads to panic.

But much of what seems to be real emotion and true panic is nothing but planned and careful preparation to take advantage of the next manmade disaster. Certainly on the part of politicians. And to the controllers, the statists, the nannies, that include the pols and their supporters. And the media and a lot of parasites on the body politic.

Which is one reason that there is so much emotion, and so much panic. Because people have been primed for years – decades – to respond in this way. Much of the population of the Fifty States have been driven to what can accurately be described as insanity. Not just mass phobias, but irrationality.

And it is not just decades. Consider the incredible hatred poured on Donald Trump. Readers know I am no fan of the man. He is badly flawed. But from 2015 (before he jumped into the political fracas) to now in 2019, we see him demonized and feared and hated for the most flimsy of “proof” and treated as worse than Hitler. He is a racist, a white supremacist, a hater of immigrants and people of other religions, a traitor, a thieft, and much more.

But the attitude towards guns really points out the irrational emotions and panic which permeates our nation. And the way the Congress and other government leaders have both promoted that insanity and are now taking advantage of it.

Consider some of these news tidbits:

  • A woman (didn’t catch the name) states that the only way she will feel safe is if the “National Guards” are on every street corner to deal with the madmen who want to kill her and everyone else.
  • A celebrity says that the only place he feels safe is at an airport “because guns aren’t allowed there.”
  • Supporters of Black Live Matter, haters of cops because cops are racist and gunhappy, want more cops and with power to break into houses and stop people on the street to steal their guns.
  • People are telling people from other countries not to come to America because they are in such danger of getting murdered because they are foreigners.

This kind of mental instability has been obvious in many people for a long time, but it has reached a new level of intensity this week.

Which is exactly what the controllers want. They want to be “forced” to pass more and more gun control laws, to take more and more actions, that take away everyone’s freedom, and at the same time, do nothing to actually prevent the kinds of mass murder we saw this weekend. To make sure that fewer and fewer people are able to prevent them from expanding the tyranny that they already exercise over us and this nation.

Absolutely nothing being proposed (being “coalesced around”) would have prevented those two madmen from gunning down all those people. Kept either one of them from going out and buying guns and modifying them (as they probably did) to make them “better.” Not unless we turn every teacher and every staff member in every school into informants for the police, and probably not even then.

Because I suspect that both of these killers were just more victims of the insanity being pushed on all of us. And not just concerning guns and Trump.

After all, aren’t humans just more animals – and unlike most animals, animals that are destroying the earth? Won’t the world (or at least civilization) be destroyed in a decade? Are not humans (and especially Americans) so evil that we must destroy as many as possible before they are even born? People see their friends and relatives (and even themselves) treated as disposable, constantly abused (or at risk of abuse), without any true rights except what some majority decides they can have. Mothers (and fathers) kill their own children. And each year, tens of thousands kill themselves. They see stories about hundreds of innocents killed by bombing, drowning, or worse, What do another nine or twenty-two dead?

We can fight against this, by teaching and living as free people. People who do not let others control us, and who do not let raw emotions rule them. We can fight by refusing to bow down to these false gods and these pieces of trash who want to rule over us.

Enough is enough.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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