Win-win for humankind?

By Nathan Barton

As I’ve pointed out before, madness seems to be growing (or at least more visible) in the Fifty States today.  Much of that is a nihilistic sort of insanity: people who are self-destructive and reject not just societal norms but what has been considered moral and even what has been considered self-interest in the past.

Ran across a news tidbit about Miley Cyrus, the daughter of Country Western singer Billy Ray Cyrus.  She joined many other Regressives, Tranzis, Environists, and Social Justice Warriors in declaring that she is going on a “baby strike” – that she will not have a baby until global climate change is stopped.

Ignoring (for now) the issue of manmade global warming (or climate change), this bizarre little snippet interests me.  It seems that if she and thousands like her refuse to have children, that we ALL are going to be winners.  Yeah, the environists can rejoice in seeing the numbers of evil humans decline.  And we all will be competing with fewer people for jobs and resources – another great desire of these types of folks.

But look at it another way.  These people are going to weed themselves out of the gene pool.  To the extent that Regressivism and related mental disorders are genetically based, this helps clean out the gene pool.  (Actually, if homosexualism is genetically based, as many claim, the homosexual community is doing the same thing – if they don’t reproduce and transfer that genetic trait to their prodigy, will it not eventually be removed from the gene pool? Admittedly, so many are “bisexual” that they might (and do) reproduce, although the tendency of those with XX chromosomes to abort their offspring offsets some of that.)

But what Miley and so many do NOT seem to understand is that this very thing is happening right now.  Entire nations are “unbreeding” themselves out of existence. Japan’s birthrate has plummeted.  Ditto for Russians.  And many nations in Europe are rapidly getting to that point. And even Canada. Of course, the ethnic native populations in most (Japan being an exception) are the ones who have especially forgotten how to have children. So they are rapidly being supplanted by immigrants of different tribes and nationalities.  So the population doesn’t always drop, it just changes.

Do they realize what they are doing in the long run? Is this the master plan of some secret cabal that promotes all these things to “save the planet?”

If so, Regressives are going to find that their entire scheme is backfiring. It may be a couple of decades, but inevitably it will happen.  So they have only a very small window in which they can hope to succeed. The populations that are replacing them are not going to push their way into extinction in this same way. And those same populations are not going to buy into the myths that the Regressives are pushing.

So what does this mean for liberty, peace, prosperity, society and civilization? Especially in the West, and especially in the Fifty States?

Turmoil and chaos, for one thing.  Especially in the short term. But in the long run? Maybe more liberty and more freedom and progress towards peace, prosperity, and better technology.

I don’t know what (if any) role genetics plays in turning people into tyrants and busybodies, to people who fear others so much that they want to deny liberty to them. And who fear themselves so much that they are willing to submit to the powers that be. But it does seem as though societies, if not individuals, exhibit some form of genetic selection that has an impact on the society and how much liberty that society enjoys (or tolerates).

All of Europe, but especially Ireland, Scotland, and England, demonstrate this.  For centuries, the “Brightest and Best” (or certainly, the troublemakers and those desiring more liberty than post-feudal systems allowed) fled the Mother Country for places like North America (especially the United States) and Australia and New Zealand.  Those who stayed behind were less adventuresome (or more obedient to government) and neither emigrated voluntarily nor were transported.

In a similar war, Spain and Portugal sent out their best and brightest (or at least most greedy and violent) to conquer and colonize Latin America – leaving behind a more docile population in the Mother Country. And in those colonies, the “bred in the bone” customs of the caudillo and the dominant ruling class which developed in 700 years of fighting Muslim invaders still influences the population.  Still earlier, Russia was bled dry by the Mongol hordes and the population which survived were inured to incredible hardship and the need for powerful strongmen to beat back the invaders.  Men like Stalin and today, Putin.

It may just be cultural and education. Perhaps we have seen that right here in the Fifty States, where the ’60s and ’70s generation of college faculty leftists made an indelible impression on the students of Gen X and the Millennials, who are now (on average) far more Regressive than their parents. And do stupid things like Miss Cyrus have done.

So it may be time for the pendulum to swing back, since there were be fewer and fewer Social Justice Warriors in the following generations.  While the deplorables with their clinging to God and guns keep on producing more and more children.


About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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