Implications of defining “democracy” for 2019 and beyond

By Nathan Barton

In my last commentary on this subject, I did a brief analysis of ways in which the US Constitution is NOT democratic. And why the Democratic wing of the Regressives in the US Congress believe that to be the case, despite their frequent claims that the formerly united American union IS a democracy.

Of course, because of that, these people hate the Constitution and the government formed under it. Even though they have perverted that government and do so more and more. (With, of course, the active if less public cooperation of the Republicans.)

But perhaps, this deeply hidden but plausible belief may explain some current events and the behavior of some key persons.

We know that Speaker Pelosi does NOT consider Donald Trump to be a legitimate president, both because his election was influenced by the Russians (and Ukrainians, and everyone else Boris and Natasha are working for), AND because he was not democratically elected – he did not win the popular vote.

But could it be that she also does not believe that the Senate is legitimate?  Because it is NOT founded on “democratic principles” of one-person-one-vote?

Indeed, it may be that she (and her followers) do not believe that the IMPEACHMENT process is legitimate because it is not democratic.  It requires a supermajority of two-thirds (67 votes) to convict and remove the president from office.

And to go further, we must ask if she really considers the Supreme Court to be legitimate, especially since the appointment of the evil sexist Kavenaugh. He has a triple whammy: appointed by an illegitimate president and approved in an illegitimate manner by an illegitimate body! And since the other justices did not oppose this, they are all suspect – probably corrupt. (Of course, Gorsuch is tainted in the same way as Kavenaugh, and so is Alito, appointed by illegitimate “President” George W Bush.)

No wonder that Nancy Pelosi feels that she is the most powerful, legitimate elected official in Washington DC and the Fifty States. She was democratically elected by the other members of “the People’s House” (her words) who were each democratically elected by the people of their district. There is no taint of elitism or undemocratic practices in her rise to power, of course. Or in her present exercise of power in her exaulted position.

(I admit, she has not publicly stated that she does not recognize them as legitimate. But of course, maybe she doesn’t hate and fear them as much as she does Trump.)

It is almost certainly giving these people too much credit to say this is some deep, carefully laid-out plot on their part. Or to think that they are smart and canny enough not to telegraph their intent to replace the US Constitution with something which is “democratic.” Indeed, there is no reason not to think that many of these actions are due to their intense fear of losing yet again in 2020.

Is it possible that they could, through a coup or various manipulations of the media, the public, and with the aid of the permanent government (the deep state), actually turn the FedGov – and all Fifty States – into a democracy?

(Since the Capitol is white, and people love “color” names, would this be the “White Revolution?” Or would it just quietly happen and everyone pretend it did not?)

We already know that Warren and many others are working very hard to amend the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College. Indeed, a large nationwide “grassroots” organization called “The Majority Rules” is dedicated to that. One of its prominent leaders is the Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, a nasty piece of work. The interstate compact to do an end run around the Electoral College is well advanced.

The movement to lower the voting age to 16 is always well under way. Linked to that is the state-by-state effort to allow felons to vote – even felons still behind bars. And of course, Motor Voter and even worse bills have made it very easy for border jumpers to vote as well. And in many states (such as California and Virginia), that is being broadened constant to allow more and more people to vote.

It takes no great leap to suspect that the next target would be how the Constitution is amended. Ballot harvesting – “helping” people get to the polls or collecting their ballots to take to the polls or the vote-counters – is becoming a common practice.

It is perhaps harder to gain control of, and then neuter the Senate. But we know that similar efforts have been successful in the UK with the complete castration of the House of Lords, and the Canadian Senate is little more than a giant rubber-stamp.

But it seems that their view of democracy would actually be very close to a parliamentary democracy, such as both Canada and Britain (and the rest of the Commonwealth) enjoy. Perhaps a situation where the House of Representatives (or even just a committee of it) must vet and “endorse” Senate candidates in each state? Of course, the obviously “democratic” method of selecting Senators would be for the House (“The People’s House”) to appoint them, as is done in various countries. And which the Labour Party in the UK plans to do if they win this month.

Leaving this all for us to ponder, let me ask just one more question. Why do the Tranzis so love “democracy?” And show every sign of hating a republic? First, a Republic by definition is a government of limited powers. These people do not believe there should be any real limits on government powers, when you get right down too it. And then, democracies have demonstrated throughout history that they are very amenable to control by puppetmasters – whether it is a permanent government deep-state bureaucracy, or the elites. The mob is easily directed and blamed – and makes great cannon fodder.

Think on these things.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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