Even lovers of liberty can sometimes panic – SCOTUS

This last week, the Supreme Court decided NOT to hear a case against the Trump BATFE banning of bump stocks, declaring them to be “machine guns.” This refusal leaves the interpretation of the regulation (NOT a law) still in effect, making any of us who have a bump stock or anything similar potentially liable for a mere ten years in prison (minus time off for good behavior, of course).

As expected, many lovers of the Second Amendment and supporters of “gun rights” lost it, declaring that the Nazgul are again demonstrating that they know which side of their bread is buttered. And again, attacking the current Trump White House gang for their clear intent to disarm Americans. I don’t know if the flags went down to half-staff or were turned upside down, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

(By the way, last time I checked, guns don’t have “rights” – humans do. And it is right that applies to ALL arms and not just guns. And is the application of the real rights we have: to self defense and defense of others against attack, violence, home invasion, business invasion, and in defense of property and other rights. But we understand what they are panicking over. Even if I don’t agree in this case.)

Fortunately, some folks are more attentive than others. An example is Dean Weingarten, over at his blog “Gunwatch.” He has reprinted the entire statement made by Justice Gorsuch, explaining why the Court should have and did deny a writ of certiorari for the case “Guedes v. BATFE” on 2 March 2020. It is well worth reading, as are Dean’s comments about it and the situation. Most important, it shows that the Court is NOT in lockstep with the BATFE and the hoplophobes and hoploclasts.

I am not saying that the Nazgul are on the side of liberty and justice: our right to keep and bear arms is far from the only situation in which they have caused significant damage both to the US Constitution AND to human liberties. But it appears in THIS particular case that the Nazgul have some logic (other than keeping government happy) in their decision. Like Dean, I find Gorsuch’s last sentence both encouraging and an indication we are far from done. “But waiting should not be mistaken for lack of concern.”

The denial of ANY right to keep and bear arms, to defend ourselves, our lives, liberty, property, and those of our families, our neighbors, and our society is NEVER to be taken lightly. The bump stock ban, like all the other bans, some in effect for 80 or so years, are an affront to God, the liberty He has given us, and human dignity and justice.

This story and its sidebars are far from over. Let us not panic over what is actually a minor matter. Let this and things like it not distract from our fight against evil and tyranny in EVERY area of life. And above all, let us NOT panic and give up or take poorly-thought action.

Liberty will win. We will win. We do not want to let our guard, our vigilance, down. But let not the mouse in the brush distract us from the mountain lion on the ledge above the trail.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Even lovers of liberty can sometimes panic – SCOTUS

  1. To hell with the tyrants and their diktats against Freedom. That is what has been done with great success here in Kommiecticut, NY, and to a lesser extent in a few other states.. State authorities are scared shitless into inaction. As has been recently discovered in Kommiecticut, prosecutions are few and far between, and only result from other crimes being committed. Imagine that multiplied into the millions with everything they have done or plan to do on the federal level. There are not enough resources to get us, and they would unleash hell upon themselves if they tried.


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