Follow-up: Time for rebellion, and Peak government?

Some comments on- and off-site so here are some updates.

Concerning the Georgia “handcuff” flyer – nothing further on any of the possible explanations. I still tend to think this is a particularly thuggish (“over-zealous” or scared out of their mind?) action on the part of some Sheriff, Health Department goon, or police department. If it is someone’s sick joke, they will no doubt get what they deserve. We have enough real threats to the little liberty we have left to put up with pranks like this.

However, as I replied to one comment, Montana has another example of the stupidity that fear generates:

The Montana Daily Gazette reports that the Valley County Health Department put out a flyer or leaflet telling people that if they have compete

One person suggested that a more permanent marking would be better:

Posted from the Montana Daily Gazette website – these “prisoners” are survivors of the concentration camps of the Dritte Reich.

Yet something very similar to this is exactly what people like Fauci and Bill Gates are advocating: turning a shot-record (a useful and important document for travelers overseas) into a “vaccinated/antibodies detected” identification card and internal passport that must always be carried to allow access to buses, trains, planes, and stores, if not even medical facilities, government offices and other “essential” places. (Indeed, some companies are already advertising “COVID-19 compliant identification cards” on-line, to be used to show to law enforcement in case travelers are stopped for “unnecessary” travel.)

In the case of Valley County, Montana, the County Commissioners apologized in an open letter. (At least the document appears to be a grudging apology and excuse.) But no doubt something similar will come up again, some other place. And many other places have very similar tyrannical requirements, just not so blatant.

Whatever people can come up with, they will. The fear, even with recent reports of the true situation concerning mortality from the Beer Flu, is very strong. And the lust to control other people never is slaked.

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1 Response to Follow-up: Time for rebellion, and Peak government?

  1. bobfiegel says:

    A very thoughtful and well presented message. Thank you.

    Fear and power are an unholy alliance, I think even worse that arrogance and power.

    Combine the three and humanity is in serious jeopardy.


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