Little tin gods – what have we done? (New Mexico)

The latest news out of New Mexico, where we have clients, friends, family and more:

New Mexico State Constitution, 1911 🇺🇸 Preamble We, the ...

Grants, whose businesses and mayor have rebelled against Luhan Gresham’s totalitarian enactments, has been hit again. State Police (accurately called Gestapo by the town’s mayor) have apparently followed orders of their Nazi leader (as Gresham has been called by the mayor), invaded and occupied the town, forcing businesses to close, posting warnings, and (with the New Mexico Health Department) levying a $60,000 fine for a mom-and-pop pawn shop and gun store in the town, as reported by the New Mexican. The New Mexican Nazgul (Supreme Court) have backed up the dictator’s order for Grants to close down completely.

Meanwhile the lockdown and seige of Gallup continues and was just extended (Farmington Daily Times), denying tens of thousands of people (including Navajo and interstate travelers) access to stores for essentials – like food and toilet paper and medicine. Despite claims to the contrary, there are reports that National Guard troops are being used to shut down businesses and man the checkpoints – not just “provide logistical support.”

The Lockdown in New Mexico is already nearly two months old (since 11 March) and the dictator has implemented new, more draconian measures. In particular, while big box stores (in the major cities, and with the exception of the WalMart in Gallup) are allowed to remain open, small business is prohibited from opening, no matter what measures they follow for safety and health, according to the New Mexican. Several prominent politicians, including (according to a broadcast from radio KENN in Farmington, worst-hit county in the State) 24 members of the State Legislature. They intent to file federal charges with the DOJ accusing Luhan Gresham of subverting the Constitutional rights and violating the Constitution. Given her repeated use of armed State Police and National Guard against her own people does seem to rise to the level of treason:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

Article III Section 3. US Constitution

Treason against the state shall consist only in levying war against it, adhering to its enemies, or giving them aid and comfort.
No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

Sect 16 of the New Mexico Bill of Rights (1911)

It would seem reasonable to seek the death penalty for the so-called governor of New Mexico and that (or long prison terms) for her lackeys in the Supreme Court and other government agencies. Sic semper tyrannis! And seek prison terms and dishonorable discharges for the National Guardsmen who are violating their own oaths by obeying her orders. And similar terms for however New Mexico deals with the State Police.

(New Mexico, with its Spanish-Mexican heritage, had some odd laws and customs, because of that heritage. Many nations with that Hispanic heritage have “special rules” for police and soldiers reflecting the attitude towards their protectors after 700 years of reconquering Spain and Portugal from Muslim occupation. I do not know how that impacts on dealing with criminals and traitors in the ranks of the State Police, including its commander.)

(It is also worth noting that New Mexico’s heritage and history may give us a clue to why the New Mexico government is doing things like this and why so few people are rebelling. Unlike Texas, with its Hispanic heritage, New Mexico did not rebel against the tyranny either of Spain or of Mexico. Indeed, the only rebellions in New Mexico were defeated: the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 against the Spanish was initially successful but crushed by the new governor, Diego de Vargas, who instituted a reign of terror against the various Pueblos, killing those who resisted. In a similar way, Navajo rebellions or wars against Hispanic and Anglo dominance which lasted until 1868 decimated the population and more, killing those unwilling to submit. The last recorded revolt at Beautiful Mountain by Navajo was in 1913 – more than a century ago.

New Mexico governments have a reputation of being corrupt and abusive. I suppose we should not be surprised that the novel Coronavirus Pandemic and Crisis has deomonstrated and given an opportunity for this woman to be a little tin god.

I find myself agreeing with Tucker Carlson: “They loved this pandemic,” Carlson said. “This tragedy. Every sad minute of it. It made them feel indispensable, omnipotent, like Gods. They desperately don’t want it to end.” We see that not just in New Mexico, but around the world.

Enough is enough.

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