News from the battlefront – Lockdown Rebellion spreads

Just a few reports worth noting.

Hawaii: State’s senior military officer warns of civil unrest and rioting if the state doesn’t open up more quickly. From Fox News: Hawaii could face civil unrest, rioting if coronavirus reopening doesn’t happen quicker, top official says

“If we let the economy go the way it’s going, there will be, I feel, significant unrest that could lead to civil disobedience. In worst case, civil disturbance and rioting,” Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara, the state Adjutant General, double-hatted as state director of emergency management, told lawmakers Monday. The officer also pushed the legislature to reopen. Hawaii has just 635 cases, 81 hospitalized, and 17 dead, but its economy has been destroyed since the 25th of March and the State has conducted sweeps and deportation of non-Hawaiians.

Michigan: The entire State is roiled with more and more rebellion, not just by private citizens and businesses but by County Sheriffs and others.  Even as the State’s Supreme Leader cracks down more and more.  Indeed, she threatens to extend the Lockdown because of the protests. A good review can be found at Lew Rockwell.

Wisconsin: The state Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Tony Evers stay at home order was unconstitutional. The court ruled it “unconstitutional” and “unenforceable” in what CNN described as a “high-profile win for the state’s Republican-led legislature”. Republican lawmakers filed the court challenge, spearheading an effort to reopen the state more quickly. In a 4-3 decision, the court ruled that Evers and high-level bureaucrats had overstepped their authority. Some counties plan to ignore the court and enforce the Lockdown.

Washington State: The green dictator Jay Inslee, reportedly claimed that Trump “is formenting domestic rebellion.” As more and more businesses reject the Lockdown and reopen, Inslee continues to blame the FedGov (Trump) for the pandemic, and demands that restaurants have to become part of the police state if they want to reopen.  They must report and help track customers. And apparently, issuing decrees (executive orders) is habitforming: now Inslee has declared another state of emergency, for the Asian gypsy moth. (Isn’t calling an destructive insect “Asian” racist according to the Regressives?)

Maine: A Maine restaurant owner is punished for his definance of the tyrants, despite the claim that the State is reopening. Maine restaurant owner defies state stay-at-home order, loses health license and is “summoned” by the State. To a star chamber?

New Hampshire: There will be a special assembly in the State capital, according to this manifest published this week: “Reopen N[ew ]H[ampshire]” will hold “A Christian Worship Service” at noon this Saturday at the Capitol Building in Concord. Join them as “We, the People, Reclaim Our Religious Liberty!” This gathering is part of “a series of events of civil disobedience … We are starting our series with this Worship Service for several reasons:

  • The N.H. and U.S. Constitutions both prohibit the government from infringing on the freedoms of religion, assembly and worship.
  • The RSA that allows Gov. Sununu to declare a state of emergency provides for a suspension of a very specific set of laws, but not Constitutionally protected rights.
  • Gov. Sununu in Emergency Orders 16, 17 and 40, unconstitutionally declared that places of worship could not host more than nine people, which is a direct violation of our freedoms of religion, worship and assembly.
  • God commanded His people to “fear not,” but rather to trust in Him, and specifically not to forsake the “assembling together” for worship. The believer’s obedience to God comes before his or her obedience to a governor, as Jesus, Paul and Peter, among others, all made clear.
  • Christian worship of God Almighty and revival of public prayer and faith is an appeal to God to intervene on our behalf as a Free People as we work to peacefully restore our freedoms and eliminate fear. With God in the picture helping us, we stand our best chance of success.

May our gracious Savior bless this endeavor with a revival of liberty and righteousness. (end of the manifesto)


The Winnipeg Free Press ( had a news story LAST week about “’A right of democracy’: anti-lockdown rally planned for Winnigeg” but I can’t find a single story in the rag reporting if it happened – and what happened on Saturday. However it DOES report that although Manitoba Province has NO new COVID-19 cases (it has a total of 289 positive cases), the thugs in power (Premier Brian Pallister and his minions_ have hire “several hundred additional provincial government officials to enforce public health emergency orders and emergency health hazard orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic” to continue the fraud. Apparently the “right of democracy” meme has been used in Winnipeg a lot in the past supporting “freedom” (democracy) in Egypt and Hong Kong.  Now the blatant tyranny is hitting much closer to home. I finally found a story in about the Saturday protest, reporting that “more than 100 people” were present – the largest protest seen in the province in months.


The mainstream media is in full fascist mode, partnering with the tyrants and dictatorial regimes in pushing the Lockdown and attacking the Rebellion:

The New York Times, of course, does its usual job of spreading panic and fear and loathing – especially of Trump, “right-wing” groups, gun-owners and lovers of liberty.  One of the articles published 14 May 20 raises fears of armed rebellion as it breathlessly reports how businesses reopening in defiance of the Lockdown more and more have armed people there and patrolling and protecting them.

Time Magazine has declared that it is “immoral” and “unethical” to work around the Lockdown. And they advise people not to have sex without a COVID-19 test and waiting five days.  Oh, and it is “ethical” to “rat out” someone who is showing symptoms…

More and more, like Facebook and Google, the media is blocking news reports featuring actions they don’t like.  Example is this Pentagon study, found only on a minor web site: flu shots RAISE the risk of COVID-19 by 36%.

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