Really? Media twisting

A friend shared this with me, from a Pew Research Center posting.

Clearly, the story headline is intended to convey the impression that it is more deadly dangerous to live in a “conservative” GOP-majority district, and that it is safer if you are in a majority Democratic “liberal” district.

Since there is no such thing as a “Libertarian-majority” district, we can’t compare. But the real point to be gleaned – and what would be a more-honest headline – is “COVID-19 deaths declining overall but deaths in Dem districts still more than twice as high as in GOP districts.”

Then you could go on – in the usual mainstream media manner, and explain how racism, white-supremacy, and Orange-man-bad policies have provided better health care, better living conditions, and more money for social-distancing and all the other stuff in GOP-majority districts. And how this proves that people of color and other Democratic constituencies are hated, feared, abused, and downtrodden by the system and the establishment. (And of course, how despite these evils, their beloved Democratic leaders have STILL reduced COVID-19 deaths by almost half.

You could even argue that the data proves that the FedGov, led by beloved Speaker (and future Prime Minister) Pelosi must take more money from the privileged, bigoted, hateful GOP districts and give it to the deserving Democratic poor. Until the death rates are balanced, at least. (Some might argue that 401 years of white oppression might be partially mitigated if the GOP districts actually had MORE people dying from COVID-19 now, as a type of reparation.)

Aren’t statistics wonderful?

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