ALL Rights Matter

No doubt, this headline will result in TPOL being condemned for a “parody” of the nasty Black Lives Matter.

A female student at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, was expelled within hours for a posting on social media which was meant to disparage those who do NOT take the christian concern for human life seriously regardless of race. In other words, for exercising her freedom of expression.

When I first saw the triptych, I thought it was supporting “BLM” but apparently a few people saw it as insulting BLM and got the spineless cowards that run HSU to “end her enrollment” nearly instantly. Free speech and all the other “moral stands” of Baptists were thrown out the window. Whether because the administrators are afraid of the protester/rioter/looters – or because the support the cockeyed “morals” of these people. Either way, the university demonstrated it has abandoned its moral code, and deny the rights of anyone with which the administration disagrees.

As Ari Armstrong shared, the propagandists at NPR  report: “The risks of congregating during a global pandemic shouldn’t keep people from protesting racism, according to dozens of public health and disease experts who signed an open letter in support of the protests.” Ari pointed out that the letter does encourage the use of masks, social distancing, and other mitigating measures.

As lovers of liberty, Ari and I basically approve of the message. I will go one further: NO fear of a disease should keep people from exercising ALL their God-given rights.

Ari continued: … I sympathize with Leon Wolf, who points to the double standards: “I am really [irritated] that apparently the life-and-death need to destroy this country was apparently not so life and death. The people who told us and scolded us (including public health experts), who told us there was literally no reason that would justify ignoring them or violating social distancing rules suddenly find that literally no reason means ‘unless it’s a reason that’s societally [sic] important.’

In other words: these “experts” think that some rights are more important than other rights. And when you get down to it, some people are more important than others. That history excuses this fallacy: that some people deserve more rights – and get more rights – than others.

Ari adds: So, having established that I think the fight for police reform is really important, I have to ask: was it not important to prevent tens of thousands of predicted deaths from suicide due to the psychological effects of the lockdown and ensuing depression? Is it not important that people, especially small business owners and employees, are able to feed their families? Is it not important that, you know, black people have jobs? Black employment was at historical highs in March, now less than half of black people are employed.

But there is more: it is not just that some rights are more important than others, but that rights which have been enjoyed for centuries – God-given rights – are being stolen away in broad daylight. From some people. Not just by the thugs of BLM and AntiFa, but by government officials and agents.

“Safety is a human right,” we are told. “If we save just one life…”

At the same time that universities (and schools, and businesses) rob people of essential rights. Rights which if exercised by people, would cause NO spreading of disease. No physical threat to protesters. Indeed, exactly the same rights these protesters claim to be exercising. Just for the wrong reasons.

We had an example at Mount Rushmore on Friday the 3rd: the AIM and NDN Coalition and BLM and Never-Trumper protesters blocked off the highway. The object was to prevent people from doing exactly what THEY claimed that they were doing: assembling and demonstrating their support for a cause.

Is it any wonder that hate is building, right along with anger. On ALL sides? Looking at the videos of the Rushmore blockade, the hate and anger was apparent in both the faces of the protesters and those trying to get to the Mountain. NOT because of skin color or ethnic origin, but because of the opinions held by their opponents. And especially since BOTH sides believed that aggressive violence was being used against them.

I fear that it is too late to defuse the hate: violence is rising, and more and more is being planned. The best I can think of right now is to appeal for anyone who loves liberty to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. NOT to fire the first shot, and NOT to seek revenge or even justice: just to preserve some place and sense of refuge and sanity in a world gone mad.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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