At last! A reason to support this new pogrom – Woodrow Wilson

We watch the increasingly shrill (and violent) attacks on anything and everything that can possibly be labeled as “racist.” This is exploding from the Twenty-Dollar Revolt over the killing of Minneapolis criminal George Floyd by a “racist” obviously abusive jack-booted thug in blue (while a mixed-race collection of other cops watched).

The mob – both physical and virtual – is baying like hounds as they race to destroy all record, all evidence, of “white supremacy.” One target was that bastion of science and scholarship, Princeton University. Their target? The evil Woodrow Wilson.

(Although my headline is sarcastic, my comment about Woodrow Wilson is not: the man truly was evil and did incalculable harm to the world and the Fifty States (48 at the time). And to the world at large.

It is quite amusing, in many ways. He was president of that institution, and the first product of a “modern” and formal system of higher education to live in the White House, to my recollection. He was going to bring science and rationality to American politics and government.

His list of crimes is long and hideous, both at home and abroad. As the second truly “Progressive” (regressive, in my opinion) POTUS (after Theodore Roosevelt), Wilson has a truly amazing list of accomplishments to “fundamentally reform” the Forty-Eight States and the world’s political and economic system.

Here are some of his achievements for which he must answer:

  1. During his term, he destroyed the nation’s monetary and financial system by creating the Federal Reserve.
  2. During his term, he created the massive super-government of today by (probably illicitly) instituting the national income tax.
  3. During his term, he laid the foundation for alcohol Prohibition, instituting a century-long crime spree and helping create our modern police state.
  4. His about-face and entry into the Great War in Europe:
    1. Prolonging that war for a year.
    2. Resulting in millions more dead.
    3. Preventing a rational and reasonable end to hostilities.
    4. Setting the stage for economic collapse in Europe and the resumption of warfare in just two decades.
  5. His actions during the war in the United States led to the establishment of the modern warfare-welfare state, while at the same time stealing away liberties, persecuting minorities, and perpetrating many evils.
  6. In Europe, his actions during and after the Great War led directly to:
    1. An incredibly vicious “peace” which aggravated international tensions in Europe and elsewhere
    2. Dividing up the collapsed Ottoman Empire and setting the stage for the last century of violence, terror, and destruction in much of Asia, Africa, and Europe.
    3. Invaded and occupied parts of both Germany and Russia without excuse, and
    4. Helped create the League of Nations, not just a worthless organization but one which made war and revolution and revolt more common.

There are many of us who view Wilson – NOT Mussolini – as the first Fascist. For many good reasons, his regime’s actions at home and abroad were studied carefully by Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and more. Who applied his strategy and tactics to their own lands, a mere decade later.

The rejection of his legacy by Princeton, of course, is based on none of these evil actions. It is solely because he, like thousands – indeed, millions – of others, has been labeled as a racist. He WAS, like many Americans of that era. He had the same bias as most Virginians (where he was born), nearly all people of New Jersey (where he settled and built his career in academia and government), the Democratic Party to which he belonged, and virtually all in political power.

However, the decision by Princeton to disavow him seems based on a few of his speeches and a completely emotional reaction – and a desire to destroy as much of American history as possible. It is no longer possible to recognize (much less honor) his incredible achievements (however we lovers of liberty view them as evil). Indeed, it may be that those actions of his will be ignored in teaching future generations. Generations having forgotten (or never learned) their history, will be doomed to repeat it. And allow these Fifty States and the world to sink further into totalitarianism and slavery.

We’ve seen this happen before. A single or a few words, spoken or written, are sufficient to justify destroying anything related to them. And it is happening daily in 2020.

Was Wilson’s racism bad, and did it damage the States – and the world? Absolutely. But all his other actions – racist or not – did far, far more.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to At last! A reason to support this new pogrom – Woodrow Wilson

  1. Darkwing says:

    Remember one thing about Wilson: to get Wilson elected Teddy Roosevelt created the Progressive Party ( Bull Moose party) split the republican party which got Wilson in. It was all a plan. Because Taft refused to sign off on the Federal Reserve act and the approve of the 16 and 17 amendment to the US Constitution


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