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At last! A reason to support this new pogrom – Woodrow Wilson

We watch the increasingly shrill (and violent) attacks on anything and everything that can possibly be labeled as “racist.” This is exploding from the Twenty-Dollar Revolt over the killing of Minneapolis criminal George Floyd by a “racist” obviously abusive jack-booted … Continue reading

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The growing horror of “public schools”

By Nathan Barton In Sweden, according to the Daily Mail, a new apocalyptic cult has taken over public schools, promoting groupthink and bullying.  It is very reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984 in many ways, with its Daily Hate and regimented life. One … Continue reading

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The approaching doom of human history?

By Nathan Barton I4U News has a blaring headline, “Sea Level Rise Could Swallow 13,000 Archeological Sites in US.”  A similar MIC story starts out, “Human history may soon be in serious trouble…”  The stories refer to a technical paper … Continue reading

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Spreading nonsense

By Nathan Barton Like the farmers who operate dairies and confined feeder operations have to do with some of the byproducts of their animal husbandry, so apparently the Foundation for Economic Education seems to betray its purpose by spreading a … Continue reading

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