E-6: Ties of religious and racial hate to political philosophies

Over at Strike The Root, L.K. Samuels recently discussed the question “Why are so many socialists anti-semites?” It is a good column and addresses many facets of this worldwide, very long-term problem.

But perhaps there is more to the story. Much more. Something to consider in this final week of traditional American electioneering and voting.

Socialists are not the only ones to preach and practice antisemitism. But they do seem to form a very large element of that particular movement. Remember that both Nazis (national socialists) and fascists (especially the Italian, Spanish, and Argentine flavors) are SOCIALISTS. The Nazi variety is more virulently antisemitic, by far, but that strain is found in every socialist movement, it seems. And Communists seem very much committed to trashing Jews – at least religious ones. We have seen this in the more “moderate” socialist movements in places like France and even the UK (where the socialist movement is the Labour party).

And more and more we see it right here in the Fifty States. Especially in the Blue States, as the Socialist bloc grows and flexes its muscles.

For instance, in New York (both City and State) and in adjacent New Jersey. There, the largest Jewish community in North America (and outside Israel) has been singled out time and again for violating the Lockdown. And usually by people who (despite their so-called Capitalist credentials) push Socialism. Ass the Pandemic Panic has lengthened and the second wave of the Lockdown has spread around the world, NYC in particular seems to have very carefully targeted Jews, religious Jews. DeBlasio and Cuomo both seem to ramp up.

But that is not the only place. We have seen the same vicious hatred against Jews in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and most recently, in Philadelphia. At the same time, the true white supremacists, regardless of their stand on economic liberty, routinely loudly attack Jews in various ways. (Admittedly, most such white-power people seem to be strongly socialist, as well.)

And we see the same attitude (and actions) towards Jews in the black communities, and even to some degree, Hispanic communities. Again, the most racist of Hispanics (the La Raza gang and the Azteca apologists) seem to be firmly on the socialist camp. And the most radical, reparation-pushing, separatist black activists and groups are essentially socialist, as well as being anti-Semitic. Of course, we take for granted that the vast majority of Islamists are bitter-haters of Jews (not just Israel). But Islamic fundamentalists are also strong statists – and promote many elements of socialism.


It is not just envy or response to some of the really stupid acts of aggression committed by the State of Israel or Jewish banking, capitalist, or political dynasties. There is more.

It is not just Jews (of whatever sect) that are discriminated against by these various political factions: revolutionary and counter-revolutionary activists. Most types of christianity are also treated to sometimes-horrific bias. And usually by these very same groups. Again, although the attacks are frequently couched in terms of dominance, a long history of aggression, and more. Or from envy. It is not always bias against all “christian” religions: some groups, which have promoted socialism, social justice, and other statist concepts, are viewed differently. At least neutrally, if not favorably. It is the “fundamentalist” and evangelical that seem to be the major targets.

So what is it?

I submit it is because these religions teach that the Creator – Yahweh – is in charge. Not only that, but they (to lesser or greater degree) also believe that individual humans – not just priests or rabbis or whomever – have direct access to God and have the freedom to decide for themselves what to believe and practice. Yes, most have created some sort of hierarchy – gatekeepers – but nothing at all like you find in Roman Catholicism, certain Protestant denominations, or virtually any Muslim sect.

These mostly (again, not always: see Calvinism) believe that liberty and free will are gifts of the Creator to humans. And that people have the right to accept or reject anything – including the religion, the way of life, itself.

That is anathema to the statists, of whatever flavor: the socialists and communists, the social justice warriors, the “progressives” (regressives), even the white supremeists. The underlying philosophy is that men and women must be CONTROLLED. To prevent them doing bad things, to make them do good things. I do not say that Judaism and “conservative Christianity” are totally free from these concepts, the attitude, and the actions. But far less so than what we find in the competing political (and religious) philosophies.

Which is why those who love liberty, who desire human freedom, must reject these philosophies. And those who flirt with either left-libertarianism or right-libertarianism risk losing their compass: moral, social, and political.

Just something to think about as we have just six days left to the end of the traditional American election process.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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