E-5: Pandora’s box: hope

As we have just five days left in the traditional election process for President and Congress, in this fateful year, we need to remember that ALL sides are pushing the meme of total chaos, social disruption, and expansion of our current civil war here in the Fifty States.

american flag painted on wall that is cracked to signify divisive politics in election season

At this point, in our Fifty States’ civil war (for control of the FedGov and many State governments), is the new reality. The violence grows day-by-day, as the media, academia, and political parties and government official push their message. That message is one of fear, of demonizing their political opponents, and demanding that instant action is necessary to prevent a horrible outcome.

All of the Four Horsemen are out of Pandora’s box: Famine (courtesy of the Lockdown), Death (the Beer Flu Pandemic), War (internal and external), and false world-saviors (too numerous to list!). And many more – a huge cast of evil threats to our lives, liberty, and prosperity. Racial violence, jack-booted thugs, China’s desperate attempt to survive and dominate the world. Islamist insanity and paranoia.

Regardless of who wins all the elections, things look grim in the short term. The new waves of Lockdown fever are crashing around us. The thugs who now behave like kings – tyrants in so many ways – will continue to abuse people. The economy is in tatters, even if some repair is happening. Weather disasters, and related disasters like fires, will continue. The education system from preschool to post-graduate level is in chaos.

But that is in the short term. Overall, in the next few months, even if these things drag on, I believe that we will see things improve.

Because the last thing in Pandora’s box is hope – as has always been the case in all of human history.

When we look back, conditions are worse now than twenty years, thirty, even forty years ago. SOME conditions are worse. But at the same time, we concentrate on the bad, and overlook the way things have improved: in health, wealth, peace (at home and abroad), knowledge, communications, and more.

We can and should have hope that the future will be still better, even if it is taking one step back for two steps forward.

A major reason for this is very simple: the thugs, the controllers, have over-reached. The response, the reaction, has already begun and is growing constantly. For every fresh decree, whether in one of the States or in many overseas nations, more and more people are rejecting and ignoring the edicts. And that attitude is spreading beyond just the Pandemic Panic and environism. More and more governmental, medical, and social tyranny is just plain being rejected.

No, I’m not talking about the protesters and the rioters and the looters. I am talking about the people who keep things going in these States and around the world.

We are on the verge of dozens, even hundreds, of advances that will make us more free, more secure, and more prosperous. From space to energy production to health care to education. Few of these things make headlines like riots and stupid politicians. But they are happening. All of this is great – and bolsters the hope we have in the future.

So tempting as it is to go Galt, we don’t need to. We don’t WANT to. Even if Biden wins (stolen or not) and Harris becomes Empress, their regime will totter, and may fall very quickly. Even if there is no vaccine, and even if the coronavirus becomes more deadly, eventually it will become just another seasonal flu. Even if California, New Mexico, and other States succeed in further wrecking their economies by outlawing oil and gas, refusing to properly care for their land, and let the insane run their cities. Each excess, each case of extremism, of growing tyranny, just pushes forward the day of reckoning.

The evils of government and the controllers are reaching a crescendo, but their time is limited and will soon come to an end.

Victory CAN BE ours!

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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