Time to heel?

As more and more States fall in line with the Biden “landslide,” the mainstream media are hosing us down with the idea that it is now time for the divisions of the campaign and the first three weeks of the election to heal. And of course, Creepy Uncle Joe and Kammie the Commie are the ones that can do that healing.

But whatever the medical or spiritual expertise of that team, and whether they can heal anything or not, it is clearly (in their opinion) time to heel. We are all expected to be compliant, submissive dogs and to walk quietly behind our new Massa and his (literally) designated heir. To obey, as the Faucet (Dr. Fauci) spewed a few days ago.

That obedience doesn’t just apply to the Pandemic.

Even with the Biden “win,” it is a high priority to make anyone who did not vote for Joe and Kam heel. Those who did NOT vote for the Democratic ticket are evil, they are despicable, they are offenders. Yes, even (and perhaps especially) libertarians who might have voted for Dr. Jo. With the probably-fraudulent voting totals we have now, that means nearly 2 million Dr. Jo voters and 68+ million Trump voters.

What needs to be done to make us heel?

At a minimum, obedience school – we must learn to sit down, shut up, and do what we are told. But that school must include a large element of punishment, to condition our minds to reject evil ideas. Not just reject bad things, but accept as Truth whatever they (our masters, the elite) tell us is the truth. The human equivalent of a rolled-up newspaper? Perhaps, but that is certainly not enough for so many who are so evil AND who refuse to roll over for them on command.

Like that dog, we must worship them as infinitely superior, Alpha beings. Hang on their every word, praise their every attribute. Honor, esteem, revere them. Lick their boots (or heels) and beg for their attention. And never, ever, even hint at disagreeing with anything they say – or imply. Obedience school may not be enough.

In order to both heal and heel, we no doubt need deprogramming: aversion therapy works wonders, I am told. We must be taught (as per Dr. Pavlov) to respond exactly and promptly how our betters – our masters – want us to act. Our submission to their rule must be habitual, burned into our brains, our bodies, and our pocketbooks.

With such an important undertaking, they must marshal every resource and bring it to bear on we poor, stupid, deluded people. The various AUTHORITIES: medical, financial, marketing, educational. And the media: not just the mainstream media, but the alternate media, and social media as well. And though they are very much against religion, they will not forget to use the religious authorities as well.

Ultimately, however, the likes of Biden and Harris and their minions and puppet masters will use their most powerful tool. Just as a master of an disobedient dog will ultimately replace the rolled up newspaper with a boot.

I am, of course, speaking of force: the threat and application of force. Government force: regulations and taxes, fines and imprisonment. And to back up those, deadly force: guns. And more. The threat is always there, of course. But it is generally low-key, or even hidden. But it is always there, when we are talking about government. And now, it appears that they will control government (at least SOME government). So they control the force that government is built on.

(We like to say (or we hear) that government exists by the “will of the people.” Really? So why do so many of “the people” end up with fines, probation, and jail? Maybe it is more a matter of “won’t.” People who won’t treat others as they want to be treated, who won’t refrain from initiating force against others, are the excuse for government. Which remains in power (and gains more power) because most people won’t take any action to keep and regain their freedom.)

We are NOT dogs, we don’t need to heel.

If creepy Uncle Joe and Kammie the Commie want these Fifty States to heal, they will help us regain our freedom, our liberty.

But we know that won’t happen – we will have to take it back ourselves.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Obviously, the last thing we here at The Price of Liberty are suggesting is that anyone should come to heel in any way. Not to Biden, not to Faucet, not to Newsom or Cuomo or Luhan-Gresham. Or even to Trump or Noem or ANY politician or “leader.”


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