Second wave of the Lockdown and the Lockdown Rebellion

Whether this current situation is or is not a true “second wave” of this pandemic (as happened in 1918-1919), I’ll leave that for the medical people. (For now, at least.)

But we are most certainly in the Second Wave of the massive attack on Americans’ liberty by the thugs, tyrants, technocrats, autocrats, and power-mad people called governors, mayors, county executives, county commissions, city councils, legislatures and judges. The lockdowns are exploding, as are increased mask mandates, curfews, and other bizarre examples of authoritarian, even totalitarian, government which have even LESS justification for a free people than “regular” government does.

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Not just the new edicts, but the enforcement. The thugs seeking and taking more and more power over the people of their States and cities are doubling down. Incredibly, people protesting and disobeying illegal, immoral, and ineffective government edicts are being accused of being Nazis!

From the once-free British Empire:

In a small city in Manitoba: a Baptist church is fined CN$5,000 for meeting on the 22nd, dozens of cop (RCMP) cars show up the next Sunday to blockade their meetinghouse and prevent them from gathering IN THEIR CARS in the parking lot. Seven people attending were fined CN$1,298 EACH. Indeed, Manitoba’s provincial tyrants and thugs have issued more than CN$180,000 in fines, including to individuals for attending worship, according to CBC.

In Toronto, other uniformed thugs arrested a desperate restaurant owner for violating COVID-19 restrictions according to CNN. SmartNews reports that “Police Stormed Adamson (Ontario) BBQ Early This Morning & Locked It Up.” Keep in mind that Canada is supposed to be the land of opportunity and refuge from political and religious oppression – especially from the Fifty States. Starting with fleeing loyalists after the American revolution, including Sitting Bull and Lakota fleeing the US Cavalry, Mennonites and other pacifists escaping the draft during the Great War (WW1), and draft-dodgers during the Southeast Asian War. No longer: Canada is now a confederation of tyranny, socialism, and oppression.

From London, Russia Today reports that hundreds of anti-Lockdown protesters were attacked by truncheon-wielding bobbies, with more than 150 arrested. Several note that Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year, under the same Pandemic Panic decrees, were NOT dispersed by the coppers, nor arrested. No wonder the anti-Lockdown protesters’ most common chant was “FREEDOM!”

From Stateside:

A NYC tavern owner has been arrested for serving customers – to keep his business alive, according to RT.

In Oregon, the governor urges people to call the cops to shut down violators of her ban on any gathering of more than 5 people.

Lockdown Protests Erupt in 16 California Cities according to St. Paul Research (a libertarian financial/investment firm). Thousands of people in 16 California cities took to the streets on 21 NOV to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “undeclared martial law,” lockdown orders. As Breitbart News reported, every county sheriff in the Los Angeles region has said they will not enforce the Governor’s curfew mandates, and did not during Thanksgiving. Apparently both protests and strikes by sheriffs will continue through Christmas and New Year’s.

(Solid data from more than thirty countries around the world shows that lockdowns don’t work to slow the spread of corona virus. The countries studied adopted widely varied policies from extreme lockdowns to moderate rules to no lockdown at all. The results showed no difference in cases or fatalities based on the lockdown policies or lack thereof. Lockdowns do not work.)

From Europe: lands of neo-fascism rising:

Europe, long gone down the pathway of socialism and the nanny state, seems to be reverting to the darker days of National Socialism, Fascism, and religious and political intolerance and control:

In European nations, massive protests against the Covid-19 lockdowns have erupted all across Europe with tens of thousands of protesters filling the streets in images you will not see reported by the U.S. mainstream media. To learLaissez Faire explains in detail here.

In Germany, Deutche Welle reports that protests against the Lockdown are growing. At the same time, the authorities and the media are claiming both that the protesters are trying to trivialize National Socialist era protesters and resisters AND are anti-Semitic.

Amazing. People protesting government control and denial of liberty are accused of being Nazis.

In Italy, even the mainstream media is reporting that Italy’s regions are in open rebellion over the central government’s mandate issued on 2 DEC 2020 BANNING all “nonessential” travel BETWEEN the regions for the entire Christmas and New Years period, including all 12 days of Christmas. This channeling of Mussolini is not being taken well.

What is next?

If this continues, we can expect more and more people to resort to violence. We have already seen “mask-deniers” physically attacked, not just verbally abused, in stores and on the streets. I don’t think we are far from mass attacks by the terrified and traumatized public who believe government and the media about the deadliness of the Beer Flu. And I am amazed that some people – peaceful as lovers of liberty tend to be – have not responded to attacks and demands, arrests and fines, with deadly defensive violence.

But I don’t think that is far away. And not just in the Fifty States.

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