Danegeld – still a way to loot people

The Babylon Bee recently satirized Congress about their anger about “criminals” and “looters” invading the Capitol, because, after all, the only criminals and looters allowed in the Capitol were members of Congress.

Well, Congress is far from the only organized group of looters stealing from American (and other) companies. Or from private citizens.

And taxation is FAR from the only way that government’s “official” looters grab more and more money.

See the source image
Animas River at Durango, CO after the spill. OJ for breakfast, anyone?

It has been five-and-a-half years since the EPA’s contractors idiotically released 3 million gallons of water from the Gold King Mine, turning the Animas and San Juan Rivers orange and creating massive contamination downstream into New Mexico, the Navajo Nation, Utah, and Arizona. To say nothing of right in Colorado.

In August 2015, EPA not only CAUSED the spill but RESPONDED to the spill, making still more stupid mistakes, including contaminating land and water with diesel fuel while trying to monitor water conditions.

Now, major settlements have been announced in the huge mass of lawsuits, and guess who is getting paid off!

According to the Colorado Sun, the Navajo Nation and the State of New Mexico both will be collecting $10 million.

From the EPA? From the EPA’s contractors? Heaven forbid! How silly would it be for the people who stupidly spilled 3 MILLION gallons of heavy-metal soup to pay for the damage it did?

No, the people that paid were the owners of the Sunnyside Gold Corp. — a subsidiary of Canada’s Kinross Gold.

And get this: “Sunnyside Gold Corp. didn’t own the Gold King Mine when it was in operation, and it had nothing to do with the waste spill,” said Gina Myers, the company’s director of reclamation operations. (As demonstrated in court several times now.)

So why did Sunnyside pay? That is the killer joke here. Again from the Sun:

“The settlement was not an admission of liability or wrongdoing, but Sunnyside agreed to it “as a matter of practicality to eliminate the costs and resources needed to continue to defend against ongoing litigation,” Myers said in an email. Sunnyside has worked with local authorities to improve water quality in the region, Myers added.

I see NO difference between this and a group of masked, armed bandits invading Sunnyside’s (or Kinross Gold’s) offices or refining plants and stealing 10,943 ounces of gold. (That’s 912 POUNDS of gold, folks.) Sunnyside gave up and emptied their pockets because they couldn’t afford to fight it. Because they knew the courts – state, tribal, and federal – would make it impossible to escape punishment and looting for what other poeple did.

That is the Danegeld, and as Rudyard Kipling wrote in those most famous lines: “…once you have paid him the Danegeld/ You never get rid of the Dane. … And the nation that plays it is lost!” Yes, today we call that blackmail and protection money.

And worse. Again from the Sun story: “In August, the U.S. government settled a lawsuit brought by the state of Utah for a fraction of what that state was initially seeking in damages. In that case, the EPA agreed to fund $3 million in Utah clean water projects and spend $220 million of its own money to clean up abandoned mine sites in Colorado and Utah.”

The Sun may or may not be ironic in their choice of words: That $223 million? (That is nearly 116,000 ounces (9,890 pounds, or near about FIVE TONS), folks.) That isn’t “its own money” as the story says. That is TAXPAYER money – stolen either from current or future taxpayers (once Congress “borrows” the money to pay for it.

So we are full circle back to the thieves, the looters, the criminals that collectively made up the United States Congress.

Especially as they get ready to give away another $1.9 trillion FRNs to “fight COVID-19” get the economy to “recover.” The dollar, like the late, great, powerful and somewhat-free United States of America, is toast.

And that is what they want. And Biden, his fellow democrats (and their fellow-travelers in the GOP), and the traitors to constitutional rule I call the Nine Nazgul, will be JUST as successful in getting the economy to recover as he will be in “unifying the country.” NONE of the Fifty States (or the hundreds of tribal nations) will be in unity in ANYthing except tyranny, poverty, and blood.

Because that is what looters do. Looters gotta loot. Whether it is your local Jewish grocery, your neighborhood Dollar store, or a whole country.

The Danes were pikers.

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