Foolish, backward American hicks

Guilty as charged.

Recently, Tom Woods and I were (very briefly) discussing the attitude that the DC Statists and the “Elites,” especially (but not just) the “leftist” types, have towards “foolish, backward American hicks who (for reasons never fully explained) mysteriously despise science on the other.”

This of course is (as Tom noted) THEIR idea, their worldview.  Of course, one reason that they can hold that view is they are totally unwilling to listen to a full explanation.  But for those trying to convince fellow-workers, family members, or neighbors exactly what this is all about, consider this following discussion:

We actually don’t despise REAL science, only so-called science. But we not just “despise” science, we “deny [the “elite’s” idea of] “science” because:

1. Many of us don’t buy into manmade global warming (and way back in the 70s we didn’t buy into “the new ice age” either)

2. We don’t buy into their version of catastrophism any more than we bought into uniformitarianism – or “ancient earth/universe” theories as “science” – or for that matter alien seed ships

3. We don’t subscribe to macroevolution and any flavor of Darwinianism – even the social sort of theories – because much of the time there is anything BUT “the survival of the fittest” in society or business – or just plain living

4. We don’t accept any form of “natural aristocracy” or technocracy or elitism – all supposedly “proved by science” but just different flavors of the divine right of kings

5. Many of us don’t swallow the idea of vaccinations – not because the concept is bad science but because the applications and techniques used are bad science – especially the mystic powers attributed to vaccines and methods of preservation

6. We don’t recognize Marxism-Leninism as science – or for that matter MOST fields of psychology, sociology, or economic theory; social science is an oxymoron

7. In general, we deny the validity of anything that is “political science” – in both meanings of that term: “scientists” who play politics with science (and suck up to politicians) and the idea that there is any real “science” – much less a scientific method – to politics

So, of course we are condemned as foolish and ignorant and bitter-clingers and superstitious bumpkins.

All of these “science” frauds that they push share a common goal: power over other humans. By buying into the garbage that they spew, you are that much closer to swallowing the arguments for the superiority of the “elite” and bowing down to them.  Not necessarily to worship them, but to obey them.  (Worship comes later, as we’ve seen throughout history.)

Yes, this applies to me (and you who are reading this).  You know your own credentials.  Mine aren’t bad, either: degree in mineral engineering and a commission in the Army Corps of Engineers from Colorado School of Mines, a decade+ on active duty with the Corps, two decades+ reserve duty and running my own engineering firm and other companies, licensed Professional Engineer in a half-dozen states, and Diplomate of Environmental Engineering.  Trained also in history and investigations and mining/occupational health and safety, with 40 years combined experience in all these fields – but just another hick to these nanny-state bots.

I realize that not all our readers will agree with me on every point – but even agreeing with one or two of those is enough to get you branded as an ignorant hick, whether you live in Flyover Country or not.

Which leads us to nod in understanding as to why the so-called public schools (government-run, theft-funded) are constantly being dumbed down, and why there is always MORE propaganda being fed children (AND adults) and less actual learning.  Not just to primary and secondary students, either. The GRTF universities are no better.  And (except for the children of the “elite”) so are most of the private universities.  Even those with religious affiliations.

For all the disastrous events and actions of 2020, one bright spot shines in the year.  That is the explosion of home-schooling. As people either feared exposing their children to potential Beer Flu, or because teachers and staff (in their terrified panic) locked down.  And even for those that bought into the remote online schooling, their children were no longer subjected to “business as usual.” That defined as 8-10 hours a day is a saturated-propaganda atmosphere and a locked-down, closed social system.  With all the wonders of “learning” from their peers as much or more than from teachers.

Seemingly, the attempt to get the tentacles of “public education” even more into homes than in the past has failed.  The educrats have overreached and failed. (Together with the politicians and bureaucrats who instigated, facilitated, and supported their efforts.)

But beware!  They have seen their mistakes, and they let their own fear get the best of them.  Now, in 2021, they may have learned better. With increased political support and the backing of a miraculous vaccine for the China bug, they will try very hard to add “educational gains” to their successes against freedom of worship, speech, self-defense, and from forced incarceration and self-incrimination.

We must be careful NOT to misjudge these “elites” and so-called leftists and their ilk, the way they have misjudged us.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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