Lies, lies, and more lies – now the truth

(Oh my! Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About The Pandemic Is Wrong.)

(And a few more people and groups are starting to wake up to that fact!)

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic probably began in November 2019 in Wuhan, China. From there it spread west to Milan and east to Seattle, or so the understanding is. After mutating in Italy, it jumped to New York City, hitting the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT) viciously starting in March 2020. Since then, it gradually spread to the entire world. Notably, there have been severe outbreaks in Italy, Australia (Melbourne especially), Madrid and all of Spain, London and England, and Equador and Peru, especially Lima and Quito.

Now in May 2021, the virus is out of control in Brazil and India, with constantly rising cases and deaths. Over 3.2 million people (out of 7.9 billion of us) have died from COVID. The pandemic is far from over, although lower caseloads and much lower fatality rates are now being seen in the Fifty States and elsewhere.

Why? There is a lot of disagreement. Is this due to herd immunity from infected survivors with antibodies?  Or the “vaccines” – impact of experimental gene modification treatments from all those tech-pharma multinationals? Or is it natural attenuation of the virus? Or is it that more and more people are refusing to play the test and test and test game, even while rejecting suspicious vaccines?

Whatever the cause, it seems that the end is in sight, if not quite here. (Despite the best efforts of a wide array of people and groups, including many with significant power and influence. But to continue…)

What have we learned?

First: the so-called public health “authorities” around the planet were completely unprepared for a health emergency of this magnitude. (And their actions did much to make it an emergency: secrecy, exaggerated (even outright bogus) claims and predictions, ridiculous countermeasures, and more.)

We had severe shortages of personal protective gear, masks, oxygen, testing kits and trained staff, courtesy of health bureaucrats and politicians, and excess dependence by private individuals on government. We also had international gamesmanship. China’s gross negligence (clearly criminal for anything but a “sovereign government” and autocratic rulers) in covering up the outbreak, not allowing foreign experts to research the outbreak and possible cures on site, and blaming others for their negligence. Bravado and stupid lies on the part of political officials at all levels of American government.

Still, the list of government blunders (and “expert” blunders: medical, political, etc.) doesn’t stop there.

As discussed in this article, the Lockdown mandated by most countries, including almost all American States, was worthless medically.

Worse, the Lockdown was immensely destructive to the economy. Look, we knew way back in 2006 that lockdowns don’t work to contain a virus: scientific, quantified evidence. And the anti-lockdown view was widely shared long before that. Evidence from the Fifty States (and the great variation in lockdown policies) and dozens of other countries around the world show NO correlation between these lockdown policies and spread of this (or any) virus. No matter what kind of lockdowns, the results (caseloads and fatalities) were the same. Lockdowns had NO quantifiable impact on the disease’s course. But, lockdowns DID have a significant and measurable impact on much else: it destroyed businesses and wiped out jobs. It increased suicides, drug abuse, alcohol abuse AND domestic abuse of women and children. Much of what was destroyed may never recover – they seem to be gone totally.  Large downtown and suburban areas remain much quieter than pre-Pandemic Panic levels because activity is down.

Despite past experience and conflicting advice, the CDC, White House, state governors and public health and other officials adopted these tyrannical lockdown policies without considering the costs. The results as far as disease were once again exactly what had happened in the past on smaller scales. And indeed, premature deaths from other health problems have climbed and will continue to climb for a long time to come: cancer, heart and other conditions, all were virtually ignored (out of an irrational fear) for months. 

And this time, both in the Fifty States and worldwide, the economic damage was catastrophic: in the trillions of dollars of lost wealth and output. The economic damage will not be undone in weeks or months: it will require generations. Growth will return but it will be weak worldwide – even in areas like South Dakota and Wyoming, little impacted by the insane response to the Pandemic. And compounded by the madness of government under the new one-party rule in DC. People fear, with good reason, that much of the lost wealth is permanent. Investors should go into the post-pandemic world with clear vision. The government was wrong in the policy response and they’re wrong again in their rosy scenario forecasts.

BUT now we have the truth coming out more and more. Even the mainstream media and politicians are starting to accept the truth that has been stated time and time again.

But don’t EVER think that telling the truth is going to be easy. And that people will readily accept the truth. That has NEVER been the case. And won’t be now.

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6 Responses to Lies, lies, and more lies – now the truth

  1. TPOL Nathan says:

    This was sent to the general comments box instead of this specific commentary, so I am reposting here but leaving the writer anonymous:
    My wife has seen many posts of women mentioning side affects on the COVID vaccine. These posts are on Facebook.. At first I thought it was fake. Then she mentioned the posters had to the word maxine in stead of vaccine so it would not be removed from Facebook. And then Tucker Carlson mentioned it on his May 3rd monologue. It has my wife shaken up. Apparently women are experiencing mis carriages. change in period time of month. Just a lot of odd stuff. Now, my wife said the Facebook group (20000 members) was kicked off Facebook because someone brought the subject of group was brought to Facebook’s attention. Just thought I would pass it on. Thanks, Jeff Howsley


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  3. Satellite imagery shows hospitals overflowing in Wuhan as early as August of 2019, and US cases of COVID-19 are now know (via testing of corpses) to have been occurring at least as early as that November.

    When US health bureaucrats started quacking about “preventing community spread” here in late February and early March, I told my wife “it’s almost certainly almost already IN community spread here — especially at your workplace” (she works in the department of epidemiology at a major university; a number of people in that department travel — or at least traveled back then — frequently between the US and Asia).

    Sure enough, a couple of months ago that department of epidemiology went back through campus swabs they had been using to trace other things, and found COVID-19 on a door handle swab taken in December of 2019. On, unsurprisingly, the door of the epidemiology department.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      More confkrmaton, eh? I have several friends/clients who are now certain that they had this back in January 2020, based on what they figured was a normal seasonal flu and for which they didn’t bother to go to a doctor.
      Meanwhile, the panic continues: the City of Durango (CO) has doubled down, extending their mandate on masks to require wearing masks at all times – outdoors as well as indoor public places.


  4. Darkwing says:

    First: the “Beer” virus started in a lab at the U of North Carolina, taken to a lab at a military base in MD, then taken to China by the CIA, it got away, people infected and spread around the world. Truth: this virus is nothing but the flu, it was used to control the people and it worked.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      This is one of several scenarios that have been proposed. Regardless of the actual origin and even the timetable, the lies have been shoveled out thick and fast, and continue. And the effects – not just of the beer flu itself but of the measures for which it was the excuse – continue to be lied about.


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