Indeed, a lawless and perverse government is in power.

It has been six days now, as this is published. And Becerra has not been forced to resign, has not had his words repudiated by his boss (Uncle Joe), has not been censured by Congress for lying, has not been taken to task by a single “fact-checking site” (that I have found yet).

Read the story here at The Federalist. Or if you prefer, at Fox News. (I know that there are some readers who reject anything published by Fox News as lies and more lies – especially when not a SINGLE “mainstream media” outlet reports the event. That is why I point out The Federalist first.” I am assuming the report out of Congress is true.

Becerra, the DHHS Secretary under the current regime, has lied before a Congressional Committee: he claimed that NO LAW has been passed banning partial-birth abortions. Despite the fact that the law PASSED Congress in 2003 when Becerra himself voted AGAINST it. (And when Becerra’s boss, Uncle Joe, voted FOR it!. It was signed into law by Bush II, AND was upheld by the SCOTUS in 2007. And is still a part of federal law today.

Indeed, we can look it up for ourselves: it is STILL on the books: 18 U.S. Code § 1531 – Partial-birth abortions prohibited 

Becerra didn’t just lie about the law, he lied in this statement also: “We will continue to make sure we follow the law,” Becerra said. 

Please ignore (for the moment, at least) whether the law is a GOOD law, whether the law is a CONSTITUTIONAL law, whether the law violates women’s rights or not.

Just consider that what is currently in DC is a corrupt, perverse, law-breaking, boastful, and truly disgusting regime. A regime of PEOPLE not LAWS, a regime dedicated to the murder and mayhem, the imperialism and stealing that has been the hallmark of American government at all levels for decades. And a regime that goes beyond that and rejects the existence of laws because they are inconvenient, because they do not meet their current beliefs and desires.

The “WHY” really doesn’t matter, but lets talk briefly about it anyway. WHY is Becerra lying? Is it just because he is part of a despotic, depraved government? A member of a political organization that seeks to destroy society as it has existed for decades – even centuries? Maybe. Or maybe he just wants to kill more babies. For whatever reason. And whatever the answer to WHY is, it shows what a disgusting situation we have in DC, and indeed, in all the Fifty States. A government of people, not laws, and a government of sickening, evil people. Regardless of their political affiliation.

Indeed, as we hinted in a recent commentary, the Emperor has no clothes. Indeed, the Empire has no clothes. Is it possible to become MORE evil, MORE corrupt, MORE perverse, MORE stupid? It is, and the Biden-Harris regime, in close collaboration with the Senate and House of Representatives, and almost certainly the entire Federal court system, is trying to prove that is true.

Once more, American government has demonstrated its inability to pass even the most simple of tests of fundamentals: honesty, liberty, fairness, morality, and more. And in doing so, are clearly intent on attacking the most vulnerable of people on this planet. Newly-born (or nearly-born) children. Not just the children of evil white people. This includes the children of people of color. (Even MORE so than white children.) The children that supposedly are being helped by the trillions spent and laws passed. By this regime and this travesty of a representative government which now rules by fiat – and twitter fiat, at that – over 300+ million people.

The depravity must end. I don’t know how, (or rather, I don’t know the best way most likely to succeed) but it must end.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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  2. mikejavick says:

    Be not deceived..God is NOT mocked..He will soon destroy wicked evil AmeriKa..


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