To arms! To arms!

The way I read it, Joe Biden has given his blessing to massive private, personal armament. Or, at least, admitted that he and the hoplophobes, hoploclasts, gun-grabbers and their ilk and allies are all dead wrong.

We need weapons – POWERFUL weapons – to protect ourselves from government. Even Uncle Joe admits it!

In his latest “domestic peace” pronouncement, as I understand it, he stated that Americans who believe that the right to keep and bear arms is about defending themselves against the government are stupid. So he made an even MORE stupid claim: that small arms are not able to protect Americans and our liberties from the governments. (Federal, State, local and tribal, right?) That it requires “F15s” and “nuclear bombs.” (Read about it here:”‘You Need F-15s And Maybe Some Nuclear Weapons’: Biden Dismisses Idea You Need Guns To Protect Yourself From Government”

Now, maybe he is right! At least in that part – or at least we can pretend he is right. He has, therefore, given his blessing on private Americans – individually or in private groups – acquiring and having modern fighter jets and nuclear bombs. Way to go, Uncle Joe! Now, maybe most of us can’t afford that – but we have enough billionaires around that CAN. At least for fighter juts – and much better than the now outdated (fourth generation) F-15. (Actually, nukes for defensive uses are a lot cheaper – getting them from Russia or one of the old Soviet Republics probably requires a lot less cash than Boeing or Lockheed Martin or Eurofighter GmbH wants, and much less maintenance.)

Of course, he is wrong: Going back 60 years, the VC in Nam didn’t require either fighter jets OR nukes to fight the US Army (and its many allies) to a standstill. All it took was the VC’s supporters, including the US Congress and many US academic institutions. Skip forward: a few decades: the Soviets didn’t win against the Western allies even WITH jet fighters and nukes. But the Taliban HAVE won without either of those things. And in essence, so did the radical Islamists in Mesopotamia, even though (for now) the Caliphate is mortibund.

Uncle Joe goes on to spew more lies about the Constitution, guns, weapons in general, and the soaring crime rate in the Fifty States.

Most notably, he claimed that the 2nd Amendment never applied to cannon or other “high-tech” and “military” weapons of the day – and therefore cannot apply to fighter aircraft, nuclear bombs, or automatic weapons. This is VERY easy to prove as untrue. In addition to merchant ships, armed with cannon against pirates, there are records of several frontier settlements with stockades which had cannon for defense (and signalling) against raids. No, not just “racist” defense against “Native American” (AmerInd) attacks on the evil colonialists and white supremicists. But defense against British and Spanish attacks.

And guess what: ANYONE with the necessary knowledge, tools, and materials COULD and DID build “military-grade” weapons. And sell them without licenses, permits, serial numbers – even through the MAIL!

But not according to the revisionist, idiotic version of history pushed by this apparatchik now in the White House. Oh, no. Americans have ALWAYS depended on the government – and at that, the FEDgov – for everything good. And no, it is not his dementia or mental decline that is the reason for his “forgetfulness.” He has ALWAYS hated the liberties that God gave Americans, and that the Constitution supposedly preserves. And he is not the only “progressive” and Democrat that makes up these lies. Indeed, most of them seem to.

But the key point is this: while weapons are important, they are often NOT the deciding factor in who wins in a confrontation. They are most certainly a help, but more important is the person’s, persons’, or society’s dedication to the fight. When the time comes, liberty CAN win against government – peaceably or not.

It is up to us and people like us to see that it does.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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