The coming golden age of homeschooling?

As we enter the beginning of a new school year by tradition, I believe we are seeing more evidence that the future of homeschooling in these Fifty States is one of massive expansion. An expansion which began in 2020 and continues ever more strongly today.

It is no surprise to those who are familiar with the concept and may nave even done homeschooling. And for those parents who have seen the complete mess the government-run, tax-funded school “education” system has become, it is a hope for a better tomorrow.

Why?  It is, I believe, a combination of factors:

  1. The Pandemic Panic and Lockdown, closing virtually every public and private K-12 school in the Fifty States, pushing parents to alternatives either because of fear of COVID-19 or because the schools and “remote learning” was anything BUT “virtual learning.” (It wasn’t real.)
  2. The Twenty-dollar Rebellion after the murder of George Floyd, with the massive racial unrest and violence and destruction, making more and more communities more and more unsafe.
  3. The reaction of teachers’ unions nationwide, demanding continued Lockdown and more socialist demands, and now demanding harsh mandates as far as masks, social distancing, time limits and more for children who have very little to fear from the COVID-19 disease – but much to fear from school.
  4. The growing evidence of the failure of public schools to educate, instead indoctrinating and propagandizing their students. Including the teaching of the myths that science (and government) has the truth and the answers to everything.
  5. Increasing attacks by school officials and teachers on fundamental social, economic, moral, and religious beliefs of students and parents, at the same time as worship of teachers as “front-line warriors” against disease and ignorance is growing and pushed by politicians and educrats.
  6. The growing violence and predation in schools, including the ban on police in many schools, and more and more a lack of ANY discipline in those schools; so much that many teachers are more afraid of the students they are supposedly in charge of than they are of COVID.
  7. The increasing cost of “incidentals” to a supposedly “tuition-free” education even while “public” (taxpayer) funding increases more and more, including the latest and greatest effort by Democrats in DC to tax and spend trillions for “human infrastructure” which amounts to more and more time for children in these institutions “of learning.”
  8. The growing pressure through the school systems to force the complete new “Progressive” worldview down the throats and into the minds of children, ranging from the bizarre nature of “gender fluidity” to the denigration of American history and society as nothing but racist white supremacy and colonialist domination and tyranny, and a total rewrite of morality and fundamentals of civilized behavior.

But of all these things, certainly the fears generated by government and media, and the draconian Lockdown measures, in response to the Pandemic are the major factor in this surge of getting the children out of the schools and into homeschooling.

This is, clearly, a good thing: the government-run, tax-supported (“public”) schools are a major problem with government, and help perpetuate government of ever-increasing power, control, and reach. These systems are also a major drain on the public purse, which ultimately is stolen from taxpayers.  Too many of those in the school systems are parasites, pure and simple.  As time has gone on, they have contributed less and less to both our economy and our society. And now actively seek the destruction of society, the wiping out of history and morality, and a “revolutionary” change in society that beggars the imagination and makes the French and Russian Revolutions combined appear to be minor incidents.

Two discussions in the past year point out the way in which, finally, very large numbers of people are rejecting the government-controlled “education” system. (Let me quote from FEE and AntiWar and other on-line liberty-minded publications here.) Let us look at them in the next commentary.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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