Suicide of a nation – and a civilization?

The incredible, insane, and hypersonic collapse of Afghanistan and the chaos and stupidity of so many people is on view and has been for a week.

Hang on, folks! Things are going to get worse before they get better. As they are right now.

As I write this, the Biden regime is actually withdrawing US troops from the Kabul Airport, while simultaneously ordering Americans (and anyone else) from coming to and entering the airport. Estimates are that between 10,000 and 20,000 Americans and other Westerners/foreigners are still in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan. Why the withdrawal, five days before Uncle Joe’s deadline? (A self-imposed one, to boot – an other strange piece of data.) Because there have been several explosions and at least twenty dead in a firefight at the Abbey Gate of the airport. Including 10 US Marines. The news is still coming in, and no doubt much of it will be wrong. But it is reported that at least one of the explosions was a suicide bomber.

But this commentary is NOT about the suicide of the Republic of Afghanistan, nor the suicide of Al-queda, Caliphate (ISIS), or Talibani murdering thugs. Rather, I propose that what we are seeing (and not being able to see it all) is the suicide of another nation – the American union. (Perhaps I should write, as we are a union of Fifty States, that we may be witnessing the suicide of as many as FIFTY nations.)

And perhaps, of a civilization – Western Civilization.

Few people, just two years – twenty-four months ago – would have even dared to suggest that such a collapse could happen so fast. And that the collapse would be self-inflicted. Suicide. Again, NOT of the Afghan army, not of the Afghan “democratic” government, but of American military power and world influence and leadership. Of American government in general, of American society and much, much more.

And without the Fifty States, where is the rest of Western Civilization? The Brits and their Commonwealth? Please: they gave up years ago, and tied their little dinghy to the stern of the American supercarrier. Europe? Seriously? Years ago, someone wrote a book “Eurabia” predicting Europe being overrun by Muslims – particularly but not just Arabs. It seems to be coming true. And today, frankly, Japan and India and more of the rest of Asia and Africa are all a part of Western Civilization but even more fragile than the Americas, the Commonwealth, and Europe itself.

So why suicide? Or rather, what signs? I can list just a few:

  1. The insanity of the Trump regime (not just the regime itself, but the panic and paranoia infecting the never-Trumpers and Trump-haters.
  2. The Pandemic, the Panic and its lockdown – perhaps even a form of long-term chronic episodes of insanity with brief periods not of sanity but LESS crazy behavior: lockdowns, masks, vaccinations, and amazing levels of panic, vitriol, and over-reaction. (The latest example: a Florida student’s dad attacked and having his phone-camera stolen by a pro-mask protester. The dad is now in jail for trying to get his phone back and grabbing the girl. Reported by Business Insider.)
  3. The seeming collapse of several American state regimes, and the increasing chaos surrounding them: the rapid fall from power of Cuomo in New York State, the recall election of Newsom in California’s People’s Republic, and the increasing totalitarian tyranny in both many of the Fifty States and the Australian States, European nations, and more.
  4. The growing evidence of economic and civil collapse in a number of American States and various places in Europe and Africa: examples being Colorado, Illinois (well, mostly Chicago), and the continuing problems in Mesopotamia, Syria, and Libya. Seemingly much facilitated if not instigated by DC.
  5. The bizarre actions and behavior of Uncle Joe, Missy Kamala, and much of the current regime in DC: NOT just the Afghan debacle, but the nutty actions at home. Many in rejection of the Trump actions – and not just the Trump actions that are opposed to “Democratic” Party principles. (If you are willing to claim that they have any. The GOP certainly does not.) The dysfunctional nature of the regime seems to be growing daily.
  6. Massive waves of crime – and not just nonviolent crime – in many American and European and British cities and urban areas. Consider California’s <$999 “get out of jail” theft limit. (Actually, a “never-go-to-jail” card.)
  7. More and more examples of individual insanity and cruelty – every day the news has one or two more reports of someone almost randomly going after innocent people in public places with a knife, a gun, or a blunt instrument. (A very recent example in a Miami Beach café.)

There are many more examples I could list. But we all get the idea. In so many ways, the United States of America are heading for destruction. And accompanied (if reluctantly) by the rest of the West and even much of the East and South. Are we in a speeding car, no brakes, headed for the cliff? It does seem to be the situation.

Many years ago, in both his Future History series of stories and the much-maligned Starship Troopers, Robert Heinlein wrote about various wars in which the MIAs and POWs and their abandonment by governments triggered revolts and uprisings and eventual overthrow of governments by military veterans. He wrote this before the Southeast Asian War and the POW/MIA issues then, but AFTER the Athens Tennessee revolt in August 1946.

We appear to be yet again nearing that kind of point – where people are so angered by the stupidity of government, so shocked by what they see as the betrayal of the efforts and sacrifices of thousands of dead and wounded troopers in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere – that they will engage in an open revolt.

And anyone with ANY knowledge of history and who is honest will NOT characterize the 6th of January 2021 in DC as an “insurrection.” Those who claim it was will soon be able to see what a REAL insurrection is like. There are 800,000 veterans of the 20-year-long Afghan War that are OUT of the service now and not subject to military authority, and a lot who are still on active or reserve or retired status who are spitting mad about this. Even if only a few percent are willing to take up arms and revolt, it could make Athens and especially the silly events in January seem very, very minor.

And they are likely to respond even MORE angrily to the gutless wonders in the Pentagon and the senior officer corps that refuses to risk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor – ONCE AGAIN – to carry out their REAL duty to the Constitution and the people. I am not saying that they are right, but that is the attitude which these men and women have.

Hang on, folks. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Suicide of a nation – and a civilization?

  1. Darkwing says:

    They tell us that nations last 250 years, if this is true, we have until 2026, 5 years. Food for thought,


  2. Thomas L. Knapp says:

    It’s been up and down, but mostly down, since the 1787 counter-revolution. This particular period doesn’t seem any more likely to turn into revolution or collapse than the Bonus March of 1932 did, or for that matter to come nearly as close as the Very Bad Year of 1968 did. The US will fall apart slowly then quickly, but I’m just not seeing any signs that it’s about to switch speeds.

    Who knows? We might even temporarily move upward from 15th freest country in the world, if for no other reason than that Hong Kong, New Zealand, et al. seem to be circling the drain at a faster speed lately.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Good points, Tom. And I agree that we might be “moving up” relative to others, but still moving down, down, down in absolute terms.
      I still think there is a good chance we ARE speeding up. I wasn’t around for the Bonus March of course (even my father was only a year old!) but I would argue that we are certainly as bad and worse as Anno Horibilis 1968, both in the Fifty States AND worldwide.
      And remember, sometimes suicide is a lengthy and very painful process…


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