The sub-rosa war on our liberties continues

  • The latest battles – in schools, businesses, courts, media, and government chambers – against basic liberties triggered by the continuing Pandemic Panic. But I repeat myself: regardless of the tactics, the target is ALWAYS our freedoms.
  • As normal, the news are filled with the latest battles against basic human liberties triggered by the now 20-month-long Pandemic Panic.

    Look almost everywhere – schools, businesses, courts, media, government chambers, and the streets and sidewalks of American cities and towns. You will see that our liberties, our freedoms, are a constant target for attack.

    The attackers – and their tactics – are myriad. As Tom Knapp once suggested, it may be best to ignore the various labels (“progressives” and “regressives” and “the left” and “the right” and even “social justice warriors” and “snowflakes”) and just call them what they are: enemies of liberty. For whatever justifications or excuses they claim to have. Is it “for the children?” Of course. “Anti-fascists?” Absolutely. “Anti-communists?” Certainly. Against “racism” and sexism and ageism and body-ism? Well, why not?

    Tactics? Intimidation. Cancellation. Smear tactics. Bribery. But especially government edicts. Starting with the local water and sewer district and running all the way up the flagpole to President, Congress, and the Nine Nazgul (the Supreme Court). Executive orders, changes in interpretation of regulations, guidelines, statutes, codes, and more. Implemented by “administrative law judges” and “hearing officers” and “justices of the peace” or just plain your friendly local code enforcement officer – from meter maids and automated traffic cameras and parking meters to heavily armed and armored SWAT teams and reaction forces.

    Consider, please:

    In New Mexico, just this week, their illustrious Empress has arbitrarily and unilaterally extended the “indoors mask mandate” a month, to 15 October 2021. Fortunately, there are at least SOME businesses, churches, private schools, and even local governments that are full-on scofflaws and ignoring her. The Empress has no clothes?

    (Hmm, that is an idea: “yes, I’m wearing a mask, but your personality is too crass and coarse to actually see it. And clearly, your eyes have been damaged by the beer flu: may I see your last test for COVID?”)

    Dozens of cities and school districts are thumbing their nose at their State authorities and trying to enforce mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and social distancing despite being told NOT to by their State authorities. Funny, huh? These scofflaws are the same people condemning those other scofflaws for ALSO ignoring the State (and sometimes local) government edicts.

    As more and more evidence is showing up (no matter how carefully ignored by mainstream media and those in power in government) that the vaccines are generally worthless? (If not outright a Fauci Fraud?) Instead of facing the facts, the medical establishment, the bureaucracy, and the technocrats are doubling down. Force more and more people are threatened – government contractors as well as government workers, any kind of medical personnel, direct dictatorial demands to local schools, etc.

    Exactly the same thing is to be said for the effectiveness of masks – especially masks on children in school. There is NO CORRELATION between outbreaks of the dreaded virus and the wearing (or not) of masks. Yet the medical and public health thugs – AND their political masters – continue to demand them.

    And then we have the constant testing, testing, testing: sticking nasty things nearly up into your brain, or so far down your esophagus you wonder if they are trying to sample the contents of your stomach or perhaps grab a sample of respirable silica from a lung sac. To be followed by lab analysis which has, time and again, proven to report false negatives AND false positives in a way that means real statistical analysis is impossible.

    All three examples of demonstrating that the real, long-term effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic are NOT physical health – not even lives cut short and people with long-term disabilities. Rather, they are psychological: subjection to tyranny, making social interaction not just more difficult but more full of erroneous communications, and creating social isolation. The texting generation is now being hit by MORE reason to refuse (and even fear) face-to-face open communication. For centuries, Westerners decried the “inscrutable” Orientals with their hidden emotions – now governments and health dictators want us ALL to hide our emotions behind otherwise worthless “face diapers.”

    And so what are we being taught? Especially children and young people?

    Obey, obey, obey?

    And never question – lest ye be shunned and cancelled?

    The powers-that-be are NEVER wrong?

    Never trust anyone – they will give you horrible diseases?

    Touching is evil?

    All these and more – all supporting in many ways the attack on our liberty.

    We must not just resist, refuse, and reject. We must push back – for whatever cost we pay for opposing them, it is far less costly in the long run than bowing the knee to tyrants. No matter HOW compassionate and friendly and courteous they are.

    About TPOL Nathan

    Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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    1 Response to The sub-rosa war on our liberties continues

    1. Bigus Macus says:

      The sheep are fine with this. The rest of us no. As the saying goes “we just wanted to be left alone”. But powers that be don’t want that. I belive that thing will be coming to a head in the not to distance future. Maybe I’m just delusional.


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