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The sub-rosa war on our liberties continues

The latest battles – in schools, businesses, courts, media, and government chambers – against basic liberties triggered by the continuing Pandemic Panic. But I repeat myself: regardless of the tactics, the target is ALWAYS our freedoms. As normal, the news … Continue reading

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The opportunism of government

A common characteristic of human, mandatory government can easily be seen through the ages. In modern times, it is summed up with this quote: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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The growing insanity of government

By Nathan Barton For years Mama Liberty, Claire Wolf, Boston T Party, and many others have been teaching (and warning) us about the evil of mandatory human government. Not just totalitarian or fascist or authoritarian government.  All government which is … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary #16-19B, By Nathan Barton Our British cousins live in fear. Or so it seems from some recent news items. The Commentator reports on a poll in the Daily Telegraph regarding “private bills” voters want to get members of … Continue reading

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