Zukumpft Reich Australia?

Is this the future for the once proud, rebellious people of the Dominion of Australia? The NEAR future?

Artists impression of the Wellcamp quarantine facility, showing rows of cabins.
Concept of an Australian “quarantine camp” near Toowoomba, 1000-“bed” capacity. (By the way, note the indications that they are making it easy to expand.)
WHII Blue Class 4 2015-16 - Mr. Laredo's Classroom
WW2 Photograph of Birkenau “Arbeitslager” (Work Camp), Poland (Unlike the Australian concept, the buildings’ uses are labeled.)

A similarity of appearance is merely coincidental. Australia is VERY different from the Third Reich. Very few people speak German, there are few Jews, and the current Australian leader does not have a mustache. (Really.)

The face of “modern” Australian tyranny (PM Scott Morrison)

But as one article commented, on claims that the Toowoomba “Hub” is for returning travelers who have not “had access to vaccinations”: “Why anyone who had left Australia would come back again is unclear,” writes Dave Blount. “It is possibly the most repressive country in the world regarding Covid tyranny.”

As reported in the Guardian and elsewhere, Australian states are even closing their borders with each other in their panic over this Pandemic – something that only a few AmerInd tribes and a couple of counties here in the Fifty States tried to do (and some are still doing). COVID-19 is an even better way to improve the health of the state than war is. (If you understand that the health of the state has nothing to do with the health of the people inside that state.)

Australia is not the only nation planning “vaccination centers” for the intransigent: there are reports that Quebec City is ALSO building an internment facility near that city. And I am told that at least a few Canadians – even French-speaking ones – are leaving Canada. Countries in Europe seem to being something similar – even modern Deutschland (Germany) with its claimed revulsion to places like Birkenau and its sisters at Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and elsewhere.

What we are seeing is more and more governments, and government officials, showing their true colors. Their boasts about “will of the people” and claims to “democracy” and “rule by law” are exposed, more and more, as lies.

Whatever the reason(s) for their Lockdown and needle fixation (for vaccination) be, the outcome is clear. Is it because they truly fear disease and death so much? Or is it lust for power and control? Or greed from wealth – whether from Big Pharma or taxation? Or some combination?

The result is that most modern political and governmental leaders, from the UN thugs right down to your local health department goons and code enforcers, are showing that the REAL difference between them and the tyrants of present and past is only one of appearances. And perhaps tactics: we see fewer truncheons and volley fire and physical torture in basements. But under the skin (and the layers of media propaganda) we see no real difference in motivation and objectives. Modern political and government types claim to believe in certain principles. But the only principle I can see that they apply is “might makes right.”

And sadly, we see (as always) those “ordinary” and “common” people who are willing to accept tyranny, or at least submit to it in a desperate search for security. Like the people of Egypt begging Pharaoh to let them become his slaves so that they might have food, Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of beans, or Israel begging God and Samuel for a king “like all the nations around us.” Big business (even more disgusting than weak-willed and weak-minded individuals and families) are perfectly willing to sell not just their souls but everything else for the sake of kowtowing to government to protect and expand their profits.

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