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Zukumpft Reich Australia?

Is this the future for the once proud, rebellious people of the Dominion of Australia? The NEAR future? A similarity of appearance is merely coincidental. Australia is VERY different from the Third Reich. Very few people speak German, there are … Continue reading

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How soon they forget – Germany 2021

Quarantine is a fairly simple and basic medical technique. When someone has an transmittable/infectious disease, you isolate them to prevent them from spreading that disease. It can be applied to someone suspected of having such a disease. It is a … Continue reading

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The White Rose – in defense of liberty

By Nathan Barton I was again reminded of die Weiße Rose (in English, the White Rose), today. That movement, led by Sophie and her brother Hans, resisted the Dritte Reich (Third Reich, Nazi Germany), and its totalitarian government. It was … Continue reading

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