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Zukumpft Reich Australia?

Is this the future for the once proud, rebellious people of the Dominion of Australia? The NEAR future? A similarity of appearance is merely coincidental. Australia is VERY different from the Third Reich. Very few people speak German, there are … Continue reading

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How soon they forget – Germany 2021

Quarantine is a fairly simple and basic medical technique. When someone has an transmittable/infectious disease, you isolate them to prevent them from spreading that disease. It can be applied to someone suspected of having such a disease. It is a … Continue reading

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The White Rose – in defense of liberty

By Nathan Barton I was again reminded of die Wei├če Rose (in English, the White Rose), today. That movement, led by Sophie and her brother Hans, resisted the Dritte Reich (Third Reich, Nazi Germany), and its totalitarian government. It was … Continue reading

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