How to wreck a national tradition and holiday

Any idea what the “bah humbug” equivalent for Thanksgiving is?

Growing up, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday and THE family holiday.  My family, being christians only following the New Testament, did not celebrate Christmas and Easter except as family holidays and times off from school and work: no religious activities attached. Thanksgiving was when we traveled to visit family. And spend more time than usual thanking the Creator for all we had.

Today, based on traffic, air travel, four-day weekends and more, Thanksgiving seems to still be fairly popular and even important (more than just starting the Christmas buying frenzy).

And like Christmas, a source (excuse) for much political, cultural, and social conflict.

Some has, of course, been going on for years. But is it ramping up more?

This year, note that many people urged us to approach this once-great holiday with trepidation, even with anxiety. As happened last year, many people feel obligated to advise you on how you should spend the day (not that you asked). We were to tell our “crazy” relatives their political beliefs are wrong. Correct our cousin when they repeat something untrue heard on the radio or TV news. Use a Thanksgiving “bouncer” to keep family members without COVID-19 vaccination away from the table, for everyone’s safety: screen and test in the garage.

The rightists and leftists were all saying one version of these things or another. I assume with good intentions. They want people to believe what is true. They want to prevent people from dying unnecessarily (or at least prematurely). Let us thank God for their concern. And in love, ignore them.

This annual, uniquely North American tradition – gathering together to share a meal and give thanks to God with those closest to us – is too good to be spoiled. But for many it was. How? Bringing up disagreements with relatives at the dinner table was one way. We are told not to provoke our brother to anger. Or father or mother, or aunt or uncle. How? Masks. Fake news. Badmouthing their favorite celebrity or medical person or politician. Because you discussed statistics of vaccines. Or whatever.

In other words, it was not “just” Muslims or Jews or Atheists ignored Christ’s teaching and example: Love one another. Even your hard-to-put up with relatives and enemies. Too many who claim to follow Him did not. And do not.

But there was more. (Isn’t there always?)

The usual “Native American” activists made their usual attacks on the holiday. But perhaps even nastier than usual.  “Choke on your overcooked stuffing and bone-dry turkey as you eat it on stolen land.” And “Pilgrims were imperialist, white supremacist colonists.” They were only here for the genocide of the “indigenous people.” (Longtime readers know how much I dislike these terms to describe my own people and other AmerInd people.) They seek to shame people – especially their own people – not just to not celebrate Thanksgiving but into endorsing their pathetic “LandBack” movement.

The atheists and government-lovers in schools also did their usual hatchet job. Thanksgiving (even in the most generic, vague sense) is a fraud: a historical myth. And speaking of giving thanks, if there WAS a “thanksgiving,” those people there in Plymouth weren’t thanking some mean old man in the sky, but the indigenous people who saved them from starvation. So the thanks was given hypocritically to the “native American” tribes that the Pilgrims would soon kill, rape, plunder, and expel. And so on.

Of course, the massive return to lockdown, masking, and the growing mandates for vaccines spoil the joy of the season.  Why should we be thankful for anything at all when we have so much to be upset about, angry about, and anything BUT grateful for?

And the big news this week?  That the companies and government are lying about how much it costs to buy the food for Thanksgiving dinner.  And it isn’t “inflation” that makes it cost more: it is the greed of the companies. And the senile actions of Uncle Joe, for those on the right.

It is, of course, too late for this Thanksgiving, but think about this for Christmas and NEXT Thanksgiving.

How can we regain a holiday, rescue a national treasure?

First, family: Tell them why you are thankful to have them here with you. Be nice to each other. Go out of the way to not criticize or comment or let the events on the news spoil your day.  Not just holidays but everyday. Each time you see your family, talk about this year’s successes, reflect on God’s goodness, be gracious to one another.

And for that matter, do that with your political opponents.  Even to bureaucrats and cops. Even to that Antifa thug hanging out on the street corner with the protest sign and their black mask.  AND to the gun-toting guy or gal in load-bearing camo and boots and cowboy hat with the big Trump flag in the back of their pickup!

Live in freedom – in every way that you can: go out of the way to encourage people to do good. Help not just friends but strangers.

To quote an acquaintance: “If you are afraid that someone you love believes something that is not true, or maybe is even dangerous, first do this: Show them that you love them. Make sure they know how you are grateful for them. Build a relationship with them, show them you care about their wellbeing. If someone is sick, care for them. If they lose a loved one, grieve with them. If they need help, do not withhold from them.

“When [they] know that you love them, they will listen and have patience with you. Even if they don’t, listen to and have patience with them. A kind word turns away wrath and you will never regret telling someone you love them.”

Think on these things – and think about them.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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