Is this war? Biden again asleep at “helm”?

It’s been at least a dozen hours since Russia recognized the independence of two predominantly-Russian districts of Ukraine and ordered Russian troops to go in and carrying peacekeeping missions.

I think we’ve heard this before. No, not the Sudetenland, but far more recent than that: a dozen or so former French colonies in Africa in the past thirty years or so. And of course, the fracturing of the former Yugoslavia. And based on some of the photos I’ve seen, maybe even last weekend in Ottawa: those “insurrection” breakers look a lot like regular Canadian troops (with lots of UN “peacekeeping” experience, no doubt) that Ontario Provincial Police. Though the horsemen and ‘women trampling protesters both appear to be RCMP, and based on their bravado and boasting on social media, are.

But back to Ukraine.

Like I said, at least a dozen hours – half a day. And dear old dottering Uncle Joe STILL hasn’t activated a single sanction. You can understand him forgetting his campaign promises – that was a year and a half ago! But he was threatening Putin and Moscow with dire sanctions just a few days ago. What gives? More negotiations involving Hunter and booze, broads, and drugs? Or maybe some guy trying to sell advocados sneered or muttered threats at some lower-level State Department flunkie so they backed off?

Or just maybe…

You know, casting my mind back in history, I think I found a few parallels to this. Parts of a country (or empire) decide to call it quits and announce a divorce. Lo and behold, an enemy (or at least unfriendly to) the “mother country” decides to back up the newly-minted nation by sending troops to help. Sound familiar? Try the Thirteen Colonies and France vs. England in that little 1775-1783 dust-up.

Or perhaps the Amis returning the favor to the French in 1917, interfering in what COULD have been (and should have been) a one-on-one slugging match between the French “republicans” and the German “imperials.” Or should we talk about all that American aid and then troops (Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon) sent to aid La Belle France in KEEPING the Vietnamese in the “republican” French Empire.

Ah, people just don’t want to remember the stupidity of the old days. So we are doomed to repeat it. Over and over and over.

But seriously, given the origins of the United States of America, just maybe in supporting Ukraine, did they ever even THINK about the idea they might be backing the wrong horse?

On another subject but still smiling sweetly at dear ole Uncle Joe (while reaching behind us to try and get a better handle on that club or shockrod): At least it appears that working stiff Joe won’t have to worry about staying awake long enough to figure out how to order US troops into the Provinces to keep the insurrectionists from toppling Canada. At least not for now.

Not only are Ottawa’s streets supposedly clean of the nasty, awkward (but clean) debris once honored as truckers who were brave heroes for daring COVID. Not only are the border checkpoints – now more heavily armed and no doubt fortified since Confederate sympathizers stopped raiding the North – open and traffic flowing smoothly north and south. But the House of Commons went and wimped out and voted to let pitiful little Justin extend his Emergencies Act powers clear to the middle of March.

‘Cause you know all those evil truckers and their supporters are just hiding out in the suburbs around Ottawa and all those pitiful, deluded villages along the border with the States, waiting for a second attempt at insurrection. AND talking to all the Trumpistas waiting for January 6th Mark 2.

But for now, sleep well, Uncle Joe. At least when you are asleep, you aren’t doing anything too stupid.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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