Lies and government lies – children and COVID

Never forget that any child’s death is a time of sorrow and something to be regretted.

Especially children killed by their own parents, either in or outside of the womb. And children and teenagers who intentionally kill themselves.

But remembering that should NOT distract us from the misinformation – intentional or not – provided by the FedGov – the CDC – on children who died from or with COVID-19.

“All-time pediatric deaths from COVID-19 reported on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID Data Tracker plummeted nearly 24% after the agency resolved a ‘coding logic error’ on Wednesday,” the Washington Examiner reports. Before the fix, the CDC tracker was reporting 1,755 all-time deaths from COVID-19 for children ages 0 to 17. After the fix, the number dropped to 1,339 all-time pediatric deaths.

Compare this to other causes of death for people 0-17 years old:

  • 1,713 0-17 year old deaths due to child abuse in 2020 (latest year data available).
  • 1,554 0-17 year old deaths from “gun violence” in 2021.
  • 2,500 0-17 year old deaths by suicide in 2020 (See note #1 below).
  • 1,053 0-14 year old deaths in traffic accidents in 2019 (latest data I could find: I estimate that about 2,000 age 0-17 died, based on other data).

Now remember, those are ANNUAL totals: the new “corrected” CDC data covers more than 2 years: 26 months. So at least double these three numbers to honestly compare them to the number of children who died with COVID-19.

Again, for ANY child to die is tragic. But for the governments to use this false danger to children to push the excesses – the tyranny – of the Pandemic Panic and the Lockdown – is even more heartbreaking. Think about how much this nonsense was excused with that social-justice mantra of “It’s for the CHILDREN!!”

But there is worse: In 2020, 45,979 Americans died by suicide, of which an estimated 2,500 were people 0-17. (See note below, please.) Attempted suicides increased by more than 50% between 2019 and 2020 for teen girls, while it is claimed that there were 1.2 million attempts in 2020. MOST observers claim this is a result of the pandemic – NOT the disease itself, but the Lockdown and the various elements of that: closure of schools, social distancing, making gatherings illegal, increased financial and social pressures on families, and more. Indeed, several point out that increased child abuse – including killings – ALSO went up significantly during the last two years of health-bureaucrat tyranny.

Time and time again, people – good reputable statisticians and scientists and medical experts – have pointed out the stupidity of the response to COVID-19 based on the threats it posed. Especially to children. But time after time, the idiot, self-serving, and hypocritical politicians and their like-minded, despicable public-health thugs have rejected anything remotely resembling true science.

When looking at fatalities and other statistics, let me write an aside. According to NPR today, the total civilian causalities in the on-going Russo-Ukrainian War is still less than 1,000 (all killed by the Russians, of course). (US News reports “at least” 847 civilians dead as of today (19 March 2022). Now, go over to Reuters: supposedly as of this same date, there are 107,477 “corona-related deaths” in Ukraine. (And 4,929,032 infections. Keep in mind this is with a pre-war population of 44 MILLION: so only about 1/10 of the population ever HAD this “pandemic” disease.)

Every civilian dead or wounded is a serious problem, but is impossible to avoid in modern war. This is NOT Crecy or Waterloo or even most battles of the War Between the States: nice neat set-piece battles out in empty fields and forests. But it also clearly NOT a World War Two battle either – and certainly nothing like Serbia, Syria, or even Mesopotamia or Afghanistan. If the Russians were intentionally going around killing civilians, the death toll would be much, much worse. Given the nature of this war, the civilian death toll – regrettable though it is, is not out-of-line.

But just like for the Pandemic Panic, the media and western governments (and the Ukrainian government) this is presented as a bloodbath. Which is one reason, I think, that supposedly (Newsweek, 15 March 2022) one-THIRD of Americans are willing to risk a nuclear war between the Fifty States and Russia. Emotions are driving things, not reason and not legitimate fears. How many children – and other civilians – would die in a single exchange of just ONE nuclear warhead?

(NOTE #1: For whatever reason, the CDC and other government agencies add insult to injury due to lying. You cannot find data for the 0-17 year old group from suicide: they have it broken down into 10-14 and 15-24 (which they call “youth” – even though I found information that the lowest known and reported suicide was just 8 years old when he died and in 2019 there were 29 children 10 and younger who killed themselves. There is a similar data problem with traffic deaths.)

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