Regime change on the table? Ukrainian edition

A couple of days ago, TPOL discussed the reasons we need regime change given the current world situation right here in the Fifty States. (Well, in the FedGov: we KNOW there are many, many States that could ALSO use some regime change here and there.)

But although we identified the Ukraine as needing a change in rulers, we didn’t really discuss the why and how. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (how does he REALLY spell his last name, anyhow?) is firmly in charge. The darling of the mainstream (and most alternative) media. The favorite son of the West (Well, so the media says.) The hero of the day. Churchill reborn – or is he Lincoln?

But the truth? Ukraine has proven to be just as corrupt a society and government as any of the other former Soviet “republics” with the oligarchs running things. The big difference in the Ukraine is the intense interest in Ukraine shown during the American Obummer regime, and of course, now the corrupt and incompetent regime with Uncle Joe as its figurehead.

In 2020 and 2021, the European news was generally about how Zelensky loves kleptocracy as much as his predecessor Petro Poroshenko, and the man Poroshenko replaced, Viktor Yanukovych. This has been going on most of a decade: even before the Russia annexation of the Crimea. (The events of 2014 were NOT just about Russia getting the Crimea back nearly 80 years after that monster and mass murderer Joe Stalin (yes, another Uncle Joe), but about how the Russians and other minorities in the Crimea were treated by Kiev.) The so-called “Revolution of Dignity” – the Maidan street protests of 2014 were what was in essence a coup sponsored and supported by NATO and the FedGov in DC, replacing a pro-Russian leader with a pro-EU leader. Who was then defeated by Zelensky campaigning for an end of corruption and end the influence of the oligarchs.

But what happened? Zelensky has consistently protected corrupt officials from prosecution and killed anti-corruption reforms. A year ago, he and his inner circle destroyed two of Ukraine’s most high-profile graft cases – against Zelensky’s deputy chief of staff Oleg Tatarov and Ukraine’s most corrupt judge Pavlo Vovk.

This is all fine with the EU, NATO, and DC, of course, as long as he is firmly welded to the West against that evil monster Russia and its wannabe czar Putin.

But we need to remember that Zelensky, excellent frontman and corrupt as he is, is a symptom of the problem and not the cause. The cause is government itself. Ukrainian government is designed and exists to promote the power and wealth of a select “elite” group of people and their families. People who have a broken moral compass, who have no understanding of true responsibility, no concept of a sense of duty. At heart, con-artists and parasites.

Government service naturally attracts those who want power, wealth, and an easy life, even though they will work hard (in certain ways) to achieve that. Those who rise to power in government and do good are actually anomalies who somehow believe that there IS a moral obligation that comes with power. But even they are human and susceptible to the temptations of power and corruption. However, MOST who rise to power do so with the idea that corruption is inevitable and necessary and they and their supporters are now gonna get their share.

And the power taken by government (admittedly with the tacit approval of a majority of people) ensures they get their share.

If Zelensky dies of COVID tomorrow, or gets taken out by Russians or NATO or some internal group? He will simply be replaced by another corrupt gangster who will behave the same way, once they get the power of government in their hands.

The kind of regime change needed in Ukraine – and for that matter, virtually the rest of the world – is the most difficult. Reducing the power – eliminating if possible – of governments. Of mandatory manmade governments. Teaching the people of Ukraine the value of liberty and giving them the tools – philosophical, moral, financial, and physical – to gain liberty.

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