Night of rage – Canadian-style?

After Friday’s proclamation by the Nazgul (Supreme Court)’s overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision after very nearly 50 years, all the pro-abortion activists again stated their intent to push for a “night of rage” and condemning the Nazgul, indeed calling for their overthrow and all sorts of other things.

Based on the massive uprising by pro-abortion and other woke groups this weekend? There will be almost nothing done: it is all talk. Impeach the Nazgul? Pack the court? End the filibuster? Establish an “underground railroad” for “pregnant people” to “flee” to States to get rid of the “pregnancy tissue” as they call it? Vote the evil monsters (Republicans – not that we here at TPOL have a problem calling GOP politicians monsters) out of office in November?

Just don’t think any of this is going to happen. With apologies to Canadians – or at least lovers of liberty there – we all know that Canadian protests are generally inconclusive and “moderate” – and ineffective.

One cartoonist’s view (unattributed) of Canadian protests, and now most pro-abortion “Night of Rage” events.

Oh, there were a few incidents: an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center in Longmont (north of Denver) was burned with slogans to the effect “If pregnancy isn’t safe any more, neither are you.” Another was reportedly attacked in Portland, Oregon. The news tells us that “thousands” protested across the States this weekend. But the details are a hundred or so people here, a couple dozen there, and the usual street-corner placard bearers – like the picture above. We’ve seen reports of a couple of hundred in front of the Federal Courthouse in Los Angeles. A couple of hundred! In Rapid City, SD there were “dozens” at the courthouse. There were more people protesting a hotel owner spraying someone who vandalized her van with cooking spray!

(Admittedly, some pro-abortion guy in LA was arrested for supposedly attacking a police officer with an improved flamethrower or blowtorch. And there were other reports of injuries and damage. But nothing like the CHAZ/CHOP and other nastiness in the past couple of years. Not even “occupy” level.)

The biggest event (and joke) of the weekend seems to have taken place in Phoenix, where pro- and anti-abortion protesters clashed in front of the State Senate building and the Capitol Plaza, and cops responded with several rounds of tear-gas. Later, the Republican Senate President issued a press release praising law enforcement for stopping “violent pro-abortion protestors attempts of an insurrection.” Democratic members claimed the protest was “peaceful” – which of course is the same way the woke and most Democrats described the protests the past couple of years by Black Lives Matter and various “anarchist” groups.

I understand, I think, what the Republicans are trying to do. If 6 January 2021 was an “insurrection” which was an attempt to “overthrow the government” in DC, then people pounding on the glass doors and windows of the Arizona Senate building can be “fairly” described as an attempt at an insurrection.” Both claims are nonsensical political exaggerations.

Don’t get us wrong. We here at TPOL are not disappointed that there were no massive, violent, destructive “protests” or “riots” (or “peaceful gatherings”) in which stores were looted and burned, cop cars (and private autos) wrecked and burned, and dozens or hundreds of people beaten. This is a GOOD thing – but NOT what the pro-abortion extremists were saying would happen.

In other words, they failed. And we think (and hope and pray fervently) that continued efforts, whether at rage or “reformation” of the Court or federal government, will also fail. (“Reformation” of the FedGov is NOT what we support: abolition is the real answer, and not just at the federal level.)

Of course, these people (like many of the anti-abortion extremists) are irrational. Consider the Longmont attack – Colorado is one of those States where the Nazgul rejection of Roe v Wade is going to make absolutely NO difference: Polis and the General Assembly have “protected” the right to kill your own child very carefully. It is in essence the same situation in California, Oregon, and about half of the States. As Darkwing pointed out, this has returned things to the States – NOT outlawed abortion across the entire American empire. Whatever the pundits and activists say.

But they are not just irrational and liars, they are also very unpredictable and have many more ways in which they can disrupt society and politics. And they are dedicated to a good many fanatical things. With the current economic woes, including inflation and supply chain problems, the chances of them keeping the Dems in power in the House and Senate in DC in November are slim. But we can expect a good many of the States to push more and more extremist actions: 9th and 10th month “abortions” are already being pushed and may be implemented in some States. Massive political correctness in a wide variety of elements of life will be pushed and implemented: more cancellation and more restrictions on free speech, including education and environmental issues, will likely be successfully implemented. And BOTH old parties will be responsible.

Not going to be fun, folks.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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6 Responses to Night of rage – Canadian-style?

  1. Jewell Anderson says:

    Apparently some of the news about what happened over the weekend isn’t getting reported: crowds and attacks were more widespread than you are saying.


  2. Jewell Anderson says:

    Are you saying that the folks at Homeland Security are wrong?

    I found this on NewsBreak: Violence by extremists could occur ‘for weeks’ in wake of SCOTUS decision: DHS


  3. Well, it pretty much seals the GOP not gaining control of the Senate in November. That was already looking extremely iffy, now it’s almost impossible.

    And e.g. Planned Parenthood will probably have its biggest fundraising year ever to provide transport/lodging to and from states that allow abortion for those who want one and who can’t just take a pill that’s even easier to score than marijuana.

    Like Harry Browne said back in the day, if the war on drugs and the war on poverty are any indication, it won’t be long into a government war on abortion before men are having them.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      I had forgotten he said that. I agree with you about PP and their fundraising. Maybe that is why they are not pushing as much for the public violence everyone promised?
      What I find interesting is that many of these people are talking about funding people to “escape” to Mexico, where apparently abortion is only allowed up to 12 weeks, but the Mississippi law which was the reason for the Supreme Court review supposedly allowed abortion up to 15 weeks!
      As for the Senate, even if the Dems hold on to it, do you think that they have any chance of holding onto the House? Gridlock is gridlock, unless they want to play by Raum Emmanuel rules.


      • I haven’t started cracking the books on the House yet. That’s 435 races. The Senate is only 34, and only five of them are definitely in contention (three more may be moving that way, none to the GOP’s advantage).

        Of the five Senate “tossups,” the Republicans hold two (Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), the Democrats three (Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada). To take the Senate, the Republicans need a net gain of one seat. They’re almost certain to lose the two they’ve GOT, and there’s no way they win all three of the currently Democratic ones. They might pull off Georgia. Maybe. Nevada? It could happen. Arizona’s already moved out of their reach. So the question is whether they stay right where they are, lose one seat, or lose two seats, or lose even more if Ohio, Missouri, and maybe even Utah actually become competitive. If I was a betting man, I’d bet on a one-seat loss.

        As for gridlock, that just ain’t what it used to be, as I’ve been complaining since the early 2000s. A Congress with at least one house not controlled by the president’s party USED to mean that nothing got done. Now it means that each side horse-trades away anything good it wanted to get the bad things it wants, and we end up with the worst of both “bipartisan” worlds.


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