The rot just won’t go away – and now they boast of it

There comes a time when people have been so seeped in evil, so corrupted, that they no longer hide it in darkness. Instead, they boast of how corrupt, how rotten, how evil they have become. Deborah Birx is an example of that. We must remember that is NOT an exception to how people in government do things – it is the STANDARD.

Jim Rickards over at Agora included the following in one of his weekly “Five Links” series:

We Knew They Lied About COVID In 2020. Now They Admit It. Remember Deborah Birx? She was the scientist and White House spokesperson on COVID at the height of the pandemic in the spring and summer of 2020. Perhaps she’s best remembered for the collection of Hermes scarves she wore during her daily TV briefings from the White House press room. She was second only to Dr. Anthony Fauci in terms of explaining the pandemic to the public and setting public health policy.

Of course, the “policy” was basically to shut down the world’s largest economy to “stop the spread.” She said that the virus most likely jumped from animals to humans (so-called zoonotic transfer), which basically adopted the Chinese “wet market” theory on the source of the virus.

She made a series of statements at the time that can be summarized as follows: Everyone needs to maintain a social distance of six feet. Everyone needs to wear masks indoors and out. The same rules that applied to those over sixty years old with comorbidities such as asthma, obesity, or diabetes should be applied to healthy young adults and children. She was the author of the “15 Days to Stop the Spread” campaign (which actually lasted for over two years and did not stop the spread). Now she has a new book described in this article [from the Daily Mail].

It turns out everything she said was a lie and she knew it was a lie at the time. It’s not just a question of making a few medical mistakes. We can make allowance for that with a new virus in the midst of a pandemic. What she did was lie. She now admits that the virus was bioengineered in a laboratory. She admits that the pandemic would last indefinitely and that nothing would be resolved in 15 days. She admits that masks are not effective and being outside without a mask was actually one of the healthiest things you could be doing. It turns out there’s no scientific evidence for six-feet social distancing being able to reduce the spread. Much of this information was known at the time but it was censored and suppressed by Facebook and Twitter and by legacy media.

She and Fauci and others lied because there was no other way to get Americans to go along with their radical lockdown plans. They were also politically motivated fearmongers who knew that painting a dire public health picture would hurt Donald Trump in the 2020 election. I fault Trump for not firing these people on the spot. Still, Trump and the American people trusted them because there were “experts.” Not anymore.

Birx and her ilk have forever damaged Americans’ trust in public health officials and rightly so. In the next pandemic, people will use common sense and rely on local physicians for therapeutic approaches. No one will ever trust the lying Federal bureaucrats again.

We could only hope.

The Daily Mail article is primarily written, in my opinion, to trash The Donald as much as possible, and Birx is portrayed as a “Trump aide” who may have lied for Trump then but DEFINITELY is lying for Trump now – a partaker in his evil, hatred and desire to overthrow our beloved and sacred democracy. Jim sees a lot more, as we would expect.

I do not disagree much with Jim – Birx and Fauci fit the old saw: how can you tell when they were lying? Their mouth is open.

But Jim seems to forget a few things. First, a LOT of people knew that those yahoos – and the rest of the deep state – were lying right then and there. Second, it was the entire “public health” establishment – right down to County Health Departments and all the way up to WHO, that was participating in this long series of lies and scheming. Third, the “local physicians” either were part of the cabal OR were just as fooled as the general public was and the politicians pretended to be.

What that the case with Trump? Was he pretending, or was he really bamboozled by the deep state? Whichever, he FAILED to deal with the cataclysmic crisis. No, not the Beer flu itself, but the way it was used to damage if not destroy the economy, society, and liberty

Of course, I (unlike Jim, apparently) have NO hope that people will use common sense, or that “no one will ever trust the lying Federal bureaucrats again.” Jim, think about it. You know better. The same scenario is already being repeated with the dreaded monkey-pox, and something similar is being pushed regarding transgenderism, government-ruined crypto-currency, the Russo-Ukrainian War and the expansion of NATO, and many other things.

We can see that we cannot trust government with providing health care and doing anything right with the “public health” than we can trust it with religion, free speech, private property, the economy, or anything else government has controlled – and failed at managing – in the past.

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7 Responses to The rot just won’t go away – and now they boast of it

  1. Steve says:

    Tom, devil’s advocate. How would one advance zoonotic jump beyond hypothesis stage?
    Is there any way to prove or falsify it? Or is the argument that since it has happened before, that’s what happened here?


    • The argument is from Occam’s Razor — absent actual evidence to the contrary, go with the hypothesis that requires the fewest assumptions.

      In this case, that would be the hypothesis which merely assumes that what happened is what almost always happens (and happens naturally), rather the hypothesis that what happened is something that almost never happens (and requires lots of human intervention). Like the doctor in Maryland phrased it, when he hears hoofbeats he assumes horses, not zebras.


  2. “She now admits that the virus was bioengineered in a laboratory.”

    Not according to the story you link/cite.

    And that would be a startling admission, given that the publicly available evidence for the proposition still amounts to zero, zip, zilch, nada.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Tom, please note that WE (TPOL) did not cite the article – that was the claim made by Rickards in the posting he made. As I understand Jim and several other stories and commentaries, that is based on her admitting (or claiming) (as reported in the story) that it came ready-made out of a box – and other words to that effect.
      I agree that can be viewed several ways. And could be (like Fauci’s claim he never spoke in favor of various things) a lie. I do disagree that there is no evidence – even though much of it is “negative” or based on subtle interpretations of the data that can be contested. But the point of our commentary is we cannot trust any of these people to tell the truth, whatever claims they make.

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      • I fully agree that we can’t trust anything they say.

        Here’s the problem with the lab leak hypothesis: It IS a hypothesis, not a theory.

        In order to be a theory, it would have to be testable and falsifiable. It isn’t, if for no other reason than that the Chinese regime is either not going to provide relevant data at all, or else that data will be massaged to encourage the regime’s preferred conclusions. And the same is true of the US regime.

        While I have no problem in principle accepting that a bio-engineered virus could be accidentally or intentionally released by any regime with access to it, the inability to test the hypothesis leaves us relying solely on assumptions. Here are the two assumptions we have to choose between:

        1) The assumption that, like the vast majority of infectious human diseases, SARS-COV-2, aka COVID-19 originated in an animal and, without intentional human assistance, made a mutation jump to the ability to affect humans. That happens all the time and has throughout human history. Or

        2) The assumption that, like only a handful of infectious human diseases at most, SARS-COV-2 was not only subjected to human bio-engineering, but then either accidentally or intentionally, released into the general population. I’m aware of a handful of such incidents, (the anthrax attacks in 2001, which seem to have used a weaponized strain developed at Fort Detrick, for example), but it doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence.

        To me, the first assumption seems, ceteris paribus, more viable than the second. If actual evidence that the virus was weaponized (either unintentionally or as a side effect of e.g. “gain of function” research), that equation could change.

        But Fauci, Birx, et al. will never be reliable sources in their public statements. Seizure of documents from NIAID and such might provide evidence, but that’s the same problem as with CCP “evidence.” We’ll see what they want us to see. I doubt that NIAID is any less brazen about deleting inconvenient stuff than the Secret Service is.


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        All excellent points, Tom. And you clearly state the bottom line: NO government spokesman or leader is a reliable source about anything – including the color of the sky and the time of day! Thanks for taking the time to go into detail to explain the situation more clearly for everyone.


  3. Bigus Macus says:

    Pure Evil, and they should pay for it. They knowingly violated the Nuremburg code.


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