Memes, games, and fraud in the 2022 political climate

While we here at TPOL are working on a reduced schedule (for The Price of Liberty) and even going for hours at a time without listening to news, we can’t help hearing some. Like the accusations being made against a couple of Dixie governors by woke governors, attorneys, and talking heads.

We are, of course, talking about this rather brilliant political stunt that these Red State governors pulled: bussing border jumpers who are flooding their cities to localities that have declared themselves sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants and made it clear that they welcome any and all immigrants. Especially those fleeing political persecution.

Enter the Babylon Bee:

Although the Babylon Bee waxed satirically about it, it really happened.

On 12 July 2021, fourteen months ago, the Texas Tribune reported that 51 Democratic legislators had fled the State to prevent the passage of various bills by the Republican majority. Apparently, in addition to other things, the fleeing legislators were also resisting State and federal mandates to wear masks on public transport, as the above picture shows. (This was during the peak Pandemic Panic.)

So (tongue in cheek) we ask, was it actually Democratic Texan lawmakers (or law preventers?) that gave the Texas and Florida governors the idea of bussing (or flying) political refugees to welcoming sanctuary locations? Like DC and Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard? Was the Babylon Bee actually accurately prophesying the current “crisis.”

And is this all backfiring on the Texan and Floridian? Already, people well known for their careful adherence to legality, to fairness, to standing up for the rights of the people they govern (and inform) are calling for investigations or outright warrants for arrests of these men (and presumably their confederates) for very serious felonies: kidnapping, human trafficking, conspiracy, and more. Even though, supposedly, the transportees were fully informed and gave fully informed individual consent to be hauled from the horrific conditions along the Rio Grande and the ports of Florida to places that had very clearly and publicly stated they were welcome and would have the opportunities for which they had fled from persecution in their homelands to come to America?

Of course, we know that all the politicians – red or blue, left or right, whatever they say – are pretty much lying. Why should the transportees have believed the guys in Florida, in Texas? Why should they have believed the propaganda issued by places like NYC, DC, Chicago, or even Martha’s Vineyard?

People can be foolish.

Of course, if the governors of those States are committing felonies by cozening these people to ride to places like DC or Massachusetts, maybe it is time to also see if the leaders of the Democratic caucus in Austin back in July of last year were ALSO committing felonies by enticing their fellows to flee to asylum in DC to thwart the evil intentions of the GOP – and to do so without wearing masks? (Did any of those legislative refugees get COVID? Did they die? Oh, pile on the charges, right?) Again, tongue in cheek, of course.

The point of it all? ALL these politicians and governments are playing games with people – with real people’s lives. Not just the immigrants, but everyone in their jurisdictions and whom they can reach. (We understand that the governor of California, in running for reelection, is buying anti-antiabortion billboards in other States.) They push these memes, they create and play these games, and their lying amounts to fraud – or certainly attempted fraud.

And at the same time, they complain and warn about the integrity of the election process and elections. Seems to me that if they want to find where there is a lack of integrity, they need to look in a mirror. Both Dem and GOP, both red and blue.

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