Disease and government

A correspondent and reader recently shared this with TPOL.

West Nile virus kills about 130 Americans every year according to Wikipedia; other sources say 400; mostly around Arizona. Placing ivermectin in wild bird feed reduced transmission 60%. Or so the National Institutes of Health claims in a recent publication.

Oh, dear. The NIH has gone to sleep! (That is, they are no longer “woke.” They are no longer listening “to the science.” Right?

How can horse de-wormer possibly do ANY thing good for humans? And impact a  mosquito-borne illness?

Next thing you know, they will be claiming that people will be more prosperous and have less threats of violence and conflict if there is less government and government micromanagement! Oh, the horror of it!

Just to remind ourselves: one of the bits of fallout from the Pandemic Panic is a massive disagreement over the efficacy of ivermectin as a possible treatment for the coronavirus flu (“beer flu”). That would be, as I recall, “off-label” prescription. In fact, some medical school instructors/professors and some medical practitioners have lost their licenses and jobs over this. Various well-known people, including The Donald, have been raked over the coals about such “bad science.” Indeed some have even been cancelled.

Will that happen to the authors of this study? Time will tell. One thing we can expect is that this will not change the political fight and the widespread lies concerning treatments for beer flu and the side-effects of such things as the vaccines for a type of flu which is a bit more likely to kill than the various bird and swine and Asian flus that have bedeviled the States and the world for half a century or more.

Nor will such revelations as relatively inexpensive prevention measures (wild bird seed dosed with ivermectin) stand in the way of the FedGov and the States shoveling millions and millions of bucks into programs to control West Nile virus – despite the evidence that they do little to actually prevent illness or death among the very few humans susceptible to it.

But that’s government for you, right?

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1 Response to Disease and government

  1. Samuel Boes says:

    From Scott:
    (Why is looking in the Wayback Machine for this official government pronouncement necessary?)

    “A growing body of evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people are less likely to have
    asymptomatic infection and potentially less likely to transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others.”

    Yes, that’s the joke (in really poor taste) of the day.


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