War on the border

Courtesy of the El Paso Times is this photo.

It is not a low-budget reinactment.

The flags appear to be those of Honduras and Venezuela (see below) but may be variations, based on the odd symbols in the stars of the or, azure and gules flag in the foreground, and what may be extra stars in the azure and argent flag in the distance.

The troops seen in the distance, though, are NOT Honduran troops, and this is not the border between Honduras and Venzuela (which does not exist except as a possible line somewhere in the Caribbean Sea).

They are instead American Border Patrol troopers – technically not soldiers at all.

Of course, it is claimed that they are not carrying “real” firearms, but instead were shooting “safe” riot control rounds. No story explains the significance of the Honduran flag at te top of the embankment, and whether or not the Border Patrolman was assaulted by the long Venezuelan flagpole or the shorter one. Now, is a flagpole considered a “deadly weapon” under Texan law? We know a hammer is under California law – as long as it is used to attack a liberal, at least.

As I understand it, the invasion was triggered by Uncle Joe’s regime decision to start deporting Venezuelans seeking to flee the socialist-communist regime at home. Which comes as no surprise, I suppose. I’m surprised that the same isn’t happening to Cuba, Vietnamese, North Korean and Chinese refugees. Maybe it is only a matter of time?

Whatever the origins of this mini-invasion, it points out the vulnerable nature of the Southern Border, not just in Texas or El Paso, but everywhere from the Gulf to the Pacific.

This, and all borders, need to be defended against armed invasion. And against those who would break in and steal. Regardless of their reasons, or excuses.

This does NOT mean we need Hadrian’s Wall or the Maginot Line! But we do need more than a wet ditch and a steep bank. We realized that The Price of Liberty does not agree with many libertarians that borders should be completely “open” even while we support free travel. Rationally, a homeowner or resident is not considered to be inhospitable unless they have all the doors and windows wide open all the time – much less one entire side of their house wide open to the outdoors. (And we do understand that there are very important differences between a human government with borders and a private property owner with parcel lines!)

But we can (and did) have free travel back and forth between the United Mexican States and the United States of America (and between Grandmother’s Land – the Dominion of Canada and the USA. AND have borders that were defended against armed invasion – to some degree, at least.

But in the early 21st Century, we as the Fifty States and the FedGov have taken a good many actions which have greatly changed the circumstances inside and at the border. Among those are the fact that the States are even more a magnet attracting immigrants than in the past. It is both our relative liberty as compared to many of the major sources of immigrants and the huge nature of the American welfare state. It is the economic opportunities seen here in the States – including many which are immoral and/or illegal. There is the constant touting of the Fifty States as all these things, and the cavalier attitude shown by many for crimes – real crimes – committed by some immigrants. And it is DC’s constant meddling in matters in other countries – and the States themselves.

The prevention of war at the border is more than just turning the Border Patrol or the DHS bureaucracy into an even larger standing army. (As so many conservatives seem to want.) It is more than building walls that at least help channelize the flow of people and goods between countries. It unfortunately requires significant reform in our society and especially our government. Reform which may be impossible when it comes to government.

Those are topics for another time and commentary. But they require fundamental attitudes and understanding: liberty for all, responsibility and accountability hand in hand with liberty, a rejection of mandatory government “charity” and other ideas seemingly simple to understand but difficult to follow and apply.

If we do NOT do this, there will be only change for the worse. Instead of attacking the BP (and even civilians and local police) with flag staffs or sticks or stones, it will be light and heavy weapons (all of which Mexico and most of the nations of Latin American seem to be awash in). And the fighting will not be limited to border communities.

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