The price of eggs – whom do we thank for this?

How many readers have been enjoying the great prices on eggs the last few months? According to many, things are going to get worse before they get better.

From the Gateway Pundit last week, we have this little story by Cassandra Fairbanks: Egg prices hit a record high and are still going up. “…Midwest large eggs, the benchmark for eggs sold in their shells, hit $5.46 per dozen, …This time last year, … that price was around $1.70.”

That, supposedly, was “the Midwest.” But in Colorado and the Dakotas and Wyoming, an 18-count of eggs hit a record of $8.49, although a sale coupon for 50c reduced that to $7.99, and “preferred customers” could get a single carton (18 count) for an amazing $4.19! Compare this to six months ago, when an 18-count was selling for $1.99.

No inflation here, of course, comrade. Move along, move along.


The news sources claim it is a combination of the avian flu and massively rising transportation and feed costs, all feeding off each other. Maybe… but there is more.

It is DC and various agencies that are to blame, certainly, with the mass slaughter and the bird flu panic. (Not the avian or bird flu itself: that seems to be real. In western South Dakota, even geese are dying off in much higher than normal numbers in the cold – no doubt aggravating the flu.

But for the Northern Plains and Rockies, we can blame another Demo entity – the General Assembly and Governor of Colorado – that also has considerable responsibility.

Although it’s not been reported in any national media, on 01 January, new laws went into effect in Colorado which basically prohibit the production and sale of any eggs produced by any hens that are not close to free-range. Confined operations are not outright prohibited, but required to change facilities and procedures in many incredibly expensive and disruptive ways.

The result is already being seen as healthy hens had to be culled and production slowed just to rebuild and remodel to meet the requirements. Since large-scale local production of eggs in Wyoming and western South Dakota ceased decades ago, most of the eggs (produced for chains Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway, WalMart) come from Colorado producers for this entire region. Hence the skyrocketing prices.

But as Ms. Cassandra points out, there is no sign it will slow down. Especially with the harsh weather of the last two weeks further depleting flocks across much of the States. (And funny, but free-range chickens tend to die off in large numbers when daily temperatures don’t even get up to 0F.)

And people aren’t even talking about energy prices, again spiking with the repeated storm fronts knocking down temperatures, even along the Gulf Coast, even while gasoline prices start to climb again. Oddly, in some parts of the country, Diesel prices have dropped – in western South Dakota, for instance, some stations are less than $4/gallon for the first time in a year. But that may be as much due to demand as supply. Thousands of trucks were (almost literally) frozen in place for much of a week on I-80, I-90, and other major haul routes.

We cannot (probably cannot) blame the governments for the weather. But the government’s responsibility for disrupting supply chains, crippling business (farmers, truckers, distribution, etc.) is clear. As is government’s failure to maintain roadways, due to poor planning AND because government-caused inflation makes fuel and maintenance ever more expensive.

But Congress and the Biden regime have more important things to worry about. Including the insane spending in the omnibus bill of $1.7 (some claim $1.85) trillion. The $800+ billion for “defense” (not counting the $65B for foreign aid to Ukraine, latest installment of our spending for a proxy war that is significantly above the military budgets of 95% of the world’s nations. The various hundred million and billion dollar pork barrel projects including insane research projects and foreign aid on the craziest things.

Added on 03 JAN 2023:

For those concerned that TPOL linked to The Gateway Pundit, condemned by unknown Wikipedia writers/editors as a right-wing fake news site, here are two links to “more reputable” sites for the basic facts – and a healthy dose of politically-correct reasons: › 2022 › 12 › 27 › business › egg-prices › index.html

As always, evaluate ANY source carefully – including TPOL!

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7 Responses to The price of eggs – whom do we thank for this?

  1. Steve says:

    @Thomas, I had never to my knowledge visited GP, but have heard it mentioned on the radio. I looked at the main page, and about half the articles are written by Hoft. Gotta say, if Hoft is cray-cray, it does not seem to be coming through in the articles. Yes, the headlines are inflammatory, as headlines tend to be, but the story itself seems to be pretty solid. Yes, there’s editorializing, but isn’t that a part of being a pundit? Of the links that don’t go back to GP, about a third or more go to relatively mainstream news sources, the remaining split pretty evenly between pundits on right and left, though the latter not infrequently only to subject them to ridicule.

    As commentators go, he sure seems to me to be more credible than most of any ideology. Nutso, maybe, but it doesn’t seem to adversely affect his reporting.

    Are you aware of any examples that would suggest he is less credible than anyone else on the ‘net? Articles less truthful than the CDC website, for example?


  2. Thomas L. Knapp says:

    Yeah, the price of eggs has become particularly insane. Makes me wish I still had chickens.

    Why would you want to discredit your perfectly sound commentary on the subject by sourcing the story to a blazing dumpster fire of falsehood and quackery like Gateway Pundit, though?


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Tom, the story was reported on several sites but always with a lot of editing in various ways. That link seemed to have the most complete version and thoughts without a lot of additional information and views. But the other sources (both websites and some of our correspondents) demonstrated that it was accurately reporting it. Ms. Fairbanks seems a bit strange but is published by a number of websites so it seems reasonable to use her version. I could have quoted directly from CNN or CBS, but can’t we describe both those sources as harshly as The Gateway Pundit?


      • Thomas L. Knapp says:

        I’d rate Gateway Pundit as about 1000% less reliable than the most even the most far-out MSNBC guest you can imagine. Even worse than Breitbart or Salon.


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        Point made, Tom. I added additional links to that commentary. I am curious as to why Gateway Pundit is so universally condemned, though. A brief perusal doesn’t seem to be much different than those or a spattering of MSM. Do we not have to always verify as much as possible the “facts” that the various news gatherers/aggregators and original publications provide?


      • Thomas L. Knapp says:

        I have no idea whether Gateway Pundit is “universally condemned” or not. I took an interest in it after meeting its founder at a blogger conference back in the early days and realizing, after about 30 seconds, that he was batshit insane. And ever since, whenever I’ve bothered to drop by the site, that’s clearly been the editorial line: Be as batshit insane as humanly possible and the eyeballs will show up.


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        Reasonable action on your part! Thanks for the heads-up.


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