Nashville, Uvalde and before – truth revealed?

Publisher’s note: As we await more information about the tragedy on Monday, 27 March 2022, in Nashville, we look back at the last school shooting, in Texas. There, much of the death was the direct result of government-run tax-funded “public” schools and self-serving, even cowardly and incompetent cops. Nashville, as we’ll discuss in the next commentary, was different. But we can learn lessons from both. And we NEED to learn.

 I learned something important from armed school volunteers. Consider this observation by a man promoting arming teachers, school staff, and volunteers:

They knew that moving toward the sound of gunfire was dangerous. They knew that the situation would probably be resolved before the police arrived. They also knew that a policeman they didn’t know might respond to the scene. These teachers knew they might get shot by an officer who was unfamiliar with the school and its staff. These teachers accepted that they might not see their children again.

They accepted that they might be killed because they knew their students and friends would be safe. They knew that an immediate defense might be imperfect, but it was the best option to save innocent lives. They were going to move toward the sound of gunfire and the results don’t have to be perfect as long as their kids are safe.

The problem with this?

First, I doubt if this description, looking across all Fifty States, accurately describes more than one in ten teachers. Perhaps one in eight non-administrative employees (staff). And perhaps not one in fifty administrators. At least in government-run, tax-funded schools: the “public school systems” of which so many are so proud and enamored. Volunteers? The very people willing and able to volunteer to protect schools are generally the last that the school administrators WANT anything but to BAN them from the schools – and preferably at least a hundred yards away.

Because the public school system – corrupt and polluted for decades – if not half-a-century – today is beyond hope. There is no reform which will correct its evils. There is NOTHING that throwing the billions (or trillions!) of dollars at will fix.

Not EVERY teacher is a corrupt, predatory, woke, abused and abusing monster in human form. No, there are still good, honest, loving, skilled, and knowledgeable teachers in even some of the worst systems. Teachers who have not yet been driven out of the system. Teachers who are feared and despised by their so-called peers and the administrators: the edu-crats. Why? Because they do believe they have responsibility to help children learn and grow intellectually and physically and socially – and some, even, morally. Who believe that teachers are PARTNERS and not replacements for parents. Who believe that children are precious – not because they are a justification for teacher’s jobs and all the other stuff that stolen money pays for, and not because they are such easily exploited and “fun!” prey, and not just because they are future cogs to be plugged into the mechanism of society and the state.

But with each passing year, as more and more predators and politically/morally-programmed woke activists are graduated out of the teaching schools, more and more of the tiny number of good teachers retire or quit.

Just as Uvalde exposed the iniquity of the police forces that supposedly serve and protect, so it also reveals more of the evil nature of public schools and those who inhabit, control, and profit obscenely from the system. Not just the disgusting behavior of the school board, the district administration, and even the targeted school’s own administrators. But too many of the teachers and staff. Including that joke of a school district police force, of course. But more: teachers more concerned with their own skin – or perhaps that of their own children – than those accepting responsibility for the children placed in their care. Those unwilling to break men’s stupid laws for fear of losing their jobs or because they have been brainwashed – in order to ensure that their students were protected and prepared.

Yes, there WERE a few teachers who showed love, concern, and responsibility – but out of the dozens? What a pitiful record.

But why should they? They have the examples of the leadership of the “educational community.” They have the teachings and examples of the faculty of the teacher’s colleges – fake liberal, so-called progressive, “believers” in science. That teach them that not only are people not human until they are born (if then), but that humans are just another species of animal – and a species destroying its own environment so evil that it must be culled and reduced. A species that developed through blind chance and through evolution became predators so horrible that their own “enlightened” kind must destroy them. And even as they are sucked into a system of mandatory public education, they are taught that the system itself is evil: systematically racist, created to promote white supremacy, designed to denigrate and degrade and oppress anyone with a different color skin (or different accent or culture).

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