Defending the border? Oh, right!


Breitbart News reports that Border Patrol found 39 “migrants” 19 miles north of the Arizona border a few days back.

Just to make it clear, that is Arizona’s border with Sonora, not the border with Utah. Or the Dineh (Navajo) Nation. Sonora is one of the United Mexican States. It is not clear why the entire group of 39 men were in combat uniform. And there was no information as to whether or not any or all of them were armed.

Maybe it was just a great discount on army surplus? Or maybe not. People love to test the system – including the so-called border protection system. Swiss cheese has less holes, of course. Even when it is not woke regressives in power in DC, Phoenix, Santa Fe, and Sacramento.

DC and those other places scream in panic and horror when Americans who are not border jumpers are armed and go around carrying weapons to protect themselves and others against the madmen (and women) who kill more and more people each day. And unorganized militia units (that is, not government-sponsored) send them into fits of screaming memes. But they don’t seem to have such a worry if the border jumpers themselves are armed and organized.

But that is just one of several concerns. 39 men, armed or not, in military uniform – apparently including combat boots if not hats, is a platoon.

Now we can’t see them?

So does this constitute a military or paramilitary invasion of Arizona? Or is this an example of what was once called a filibuster? (Texas and many other former Spanish colonies were targets of such private expeditions launched from the likes of Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, and apparently even Massachusetts and New York.)

Whichever it is, clearly the people of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona need to assume that such invasions, armed or not, are a fact of life. Government goons, no matter what they are called, seem unable to fend off such things, although this photo of captive invaders in uniform seems intended to relieve our fears.

Sorry, I’m not buying it. Are you?

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7 Responses to Defending the border? Oh, right!

  1. Thomas L. Knapp says:

    I’m not buying the idea that those 39 guys are as much of a threat as the nearly 20,000 armed and dangerous members of the “Border Patrol” gang.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Yes, Tom, I should have restated the obvious. Thanks for pointing it out!


    • Steve says:

      A threat to whom? They aren’t even a threat to child sex traffickers. Had you said IRS or BATFE or even Department of Education, yeah, that’s a bigger threat but Border Patrol?


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        Sorry for the delay in commenting on the comment.
        Actually, as I personally found out decades ago, at least in New Mexico, the Border Patrol CAN be a threat to ordinary Americans, law-abiding or not. They can and do set up checkpoints (the one I saw, fortunately from the other (southbound) lane of I-25) as far as 100 miles from the border, and can stop, harass, and arrest and use aggressive violence against Americans. How often that happens, I have no idea, but there are stories of American citizens in essence kidnapped by BP and taken to hospitals for manual body intrusions in a search for illegal drugs, having their cars stripped (again looking for drugs), and other misdeeds. Like any federal agency, such as the ones you list, the BP’s personnel do pose a significant threat to Americans.
        I have often wondered by what logic Congress created the Border Patrol instead of leaving protection of the border (and its patrol) as part of the duties of the military: specifically the Army and the Coast Guard. I have also never figured out exactly WHY the Texas Rangers, whose duties as a “para-military” force of the Republic and then State of Texas (before, during and after the War Between the States) included border patrol and protection. NOT stopping legit travelers, traders, and even tourists, but against raiding AmerInd, bandits and banditos, rustlers, and such. Including raids by Mexican rebels and once in a while a Mexican army unit. (I had a many-times distant cousin on my father’s side killed in a battle with such a raiding force near Nuevo Laredo in 1861: it is unclear if it was a big bandit gang, a rebel unit, or a Mexican army unit, from the record. As I recall, that was before secession.)


      • Steve says:

        Fair enough, Nathan. It’s been around 35 years since I was within 100 miles of either border, but now that you mention it, I heard something of this back during the Bush II reign.

        So the thesis is that the current Border Patrol’s mandate is to facilitate foreigners’ migration into the States, while folding, spindling and mutilating Americans?


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        Sounds reasonable, I think. Just part of the Deep State’s and the current regime’s overall objective of destroying everything good that is left in these States, maybe?


      • Thomas L. Knapp says:

        The ability to freely migrate — enshrined in the Constitution, ignored in a bunch of void per Marbury v. Madison “law,” but thankfully pretty safe since tthe border couldn’t plausibly be “secured” even if every man and woman working in the US armed forces and all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies combined spent all their time on nothing but that — is one of the few good things left in these states.


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