Oklahoma crazy?

Last week, the governor of Oklahoma vetoed State funding for the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority, the State’s local Public Broadcasting System (PBS) affiliate. According to the story, he had multiple reasons. His major one is the more and more strident indoctrination of LGBTQ+ themes aimed at children. But there were others: he believes the need for state-supported broadcast media (beginning in 1957) is no longer needed or justified in today’s world of internet, a really diverse media control (as compared to just three national TV networks then), and a need to save money.

We know, of course, that Elon Musk’s abandonment of his Twitter labeling describing :”certain” global media organizations as government-funded or state-affiliated was too truthful to be allowed to stand in today’s Woke, government-over-all climate. (He dropped the labels on 21 April, if you hadn’t heard.) But we know that is exactly what PBS, NPR, BBC, and CBC – and their state and provincial affiliates – are.

Of course, the enemies of liberty – the Woke regressives, the neo-liberals – are screaming loudly. (It is one of their most notable characteristics.) At least one said this will lead to the collapse of civilization, claiming “No civilization since the Norman Conquest in 1066 has survived that did not support arts and culture. They’re all gone. Civilization is about its culture, its history, and its arts.” Others (even so so-called conservatives, apparently) claimed it would damage Oklahoma’s emergency management, readiness, and response efforts by denying government use of broadcasting towers.

A website called (suitably, perhaps) Scary Mommy was overblown about the dangers of denying OETA money, and condemning the governor for all the various evils that are politically incorrect today. And accusing him of being driven to fear by a Clifford the Big Red Dog episode.

Libertarians have long pointed out that such public television (and their sister radio stations) are indeed funded by, managed by, and support government. And are nothing but a form of socialism: means of production owned by government for all intents and purposes. We lovers of liberty have long advocated zeroing out of the budgets of ALL levels of government that propagate the “public broadcasting.”

(An admission: once upon a time, even as a Libertarian, several of us here at TPOL actually contributed money to local public broadcasting in Colorado, Kansas, and South Dakota. We stopped doing that after looking the matter over carefully when the public broadcasting venues started raking in big bucks from businesses as “sponsors” (non-advertising advertising!) AND as more and more of what PBS claims is “nonpartisan news reporting” was clearly nothing but state-supporting propaganda and more and more “progressive.”)

Today, the control of these media outlets is more and more obviously held by the regressives, the so-called liberal Woke, the environists, and is not dedicated to preserving either culture or history – but indeed destroying both. And its support for the “arts” would make a whole host of strippers and burlesque queens blush.

IF the services that OETA provides are really worth anything, OETA will get their viewers to fund them. Thus they will make up the unwilling “government” funding (that is, money stolen from taxpayers and used whether or not the taxed want to fund the Woke organization or not) with what they constantly claim: “viewer supported.” (Just as all the State-affiliated radio stations and networks claim they are “listener supported” even while sucking on the government teat and reeling off a list of commercial (and even other governmental) “sponsors every hour.

But I won’t hold my breath.

Afterword: While driving from the Dakotas down to Colorado yesterday, I ended up listening to an hour or so of “NPR” programming being aired by Wyoming Public Radio, one of those State-affiliated chains. There was, as in Oklahoma, a steady feed of advocacy for trans-sexism (including an interview with the bass-voiced 16-year-old “girl” fleeing Florida for Rhode Island because “she” is afraid of being killed and not being allowed to mutilate “her” body until “she” turns 18).

If an adult wants to pretend they are of the opposite sex, or an alien from Beta Coronis, they are wrong but it is their right to be stupid. Even if they are buying into a line of potentially-fatal hogwash. But government has no business funding such propaganda OR funding such child abuse aimed more and more at children.

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