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US military establishment – too bloated to work?

The American military establishment is presently led, in the age of Uncle Joe, by a retired general, now “civilian” Secretary of Defense, who was and is a political animal even more so than many of his civilian predecessors. In a … Continue reading

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Eating their own

Acting Navy Secretary Modly has resigned, Tuesday after publicly apologizing for his “profanity-laced” vitrolic attack on the USS T. Roosevelt Captain whom he had relieved. He called the Captain either “stupid” or “naive.” And demonstrated how stupid he (Modly) was. … Continue reading

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Doomed, doomed, I say

By Nathan Barton An interesting article was posted at The American Conservative once again proclaiming the death of the American fleet carrier. To many of us, that comes as no news at all. The vulnerability of flattops has been known … Continue reading

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