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Men, not law

This recent story from KOTA talks about “Oyate Court” which is a bizarre, extra-legal “judicial” activity several counties in South Dakota are running. In it, enrolled members of federally-recognized tribes are not put through the normal South Dakota unified court … Continue reading

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Democracy – this is what we get…

Most readers know the parable of the wolves and the sheep. Democracy is a vote with two wolves and a sheep on what to have for supper. A republic is when the sheep is armed and ready to defend herself.

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Gun Confiscation Day?

By Nathan Barton At Quora.com, an interesting and often frustrating site, this recently was posted: A gun confiscation finally goes into effect and police are going door-to-door. Your home is next — what do you do? Paul Harding, listing himself … Continue reading

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Naive or just making a point?

By Nathan Barton For the past several weeks, many of us have been watching events on Standing Rock Reservation, homeland of one of the modern Lakota nations in the Dakotas, as a “grassroots” coalition fights against the Dakota Access Pipeline … Continue reading

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Rule of Law and Civilization’s Fall

Libertarian Commentary on the News, 09JAN2016, #16-02A  By Nathan Barton Rule of law? Following up on my commentary on the fall of Euro-American Civilization, and the rule of law, is this story. Sky reports that 78-year-old James McConnell, a preacher … Continue reading

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The Fall of Civilization?

Libertarian Commentary, 08JAN2015, #16-01G By Nathan Barton Has Western (Euro-American) Civilization fallen? There are many elements that together make up what we fondly think of as “civilization” and especially Euro-American civilization: technology, science, urbanization, respect for life, rule of law, … Continue reading

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