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When is enough enough? Local government and its role

By Nathan Barton A correspondent shared an article from the Tampa Bay (Florida) Times about a bill in Florida that would raise the “homestead exemption” for property taxes to $75,000.  That is a scheme by which the first $75,000 appraised … Continue reading

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The Efficacy and Ethics of Voting

By Ben Stone As many times as I have spoken and written on this topic, I chose restraint on formally addressing it again until the madness of the 2016 election cycle faded. The reason for this restraint is that I … Continue reading

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Private Property?

By MamaLiberty What is private property? What defines it as private? Why is that important? Just another “food for thought” item. Your comments are welcome!

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Food for Thought #3

By MamaLiberty Interesting discussion of the first two items, so maybe these questions will ring a few more bells. Is theft and extortion ever justified? When, if ever, is a tax not theft? Does it make any difference what tax … Continue reading

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Disappearing from the American landscape: why?

By Nathan Barton When researching the column on “Disappearances: American Style?” (some time ago) I did find a few interesting articles about disappearances that are of interest but distracted from the point of that commentary. Still worth looking at and … Continue reading

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Seattle’s comeupance – to be followed by that of Washington State?

By Nathan Barton Just a quickie: several states, foremost among them, Washington state, are attempting to impose special taxes on any sale of a firearm OR ammunition, with the money supposedly to be used to “study” or “combat” or “deal … Continue reading

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False religions, new and old

Libertarian Commentary #16-19C, By Nathan Barton False religions are, of course, a dime a dozen and have been since not all that long after Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden. Today, more than ever, we see the … Continue reading

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