Holder and other haters of Guns and Liberty

Our right to self-defense:  Guns and Holder

Earlier this week, a friend sent me an “urgent” message to log in at USA Today and give my opinion on an issue:

Attorney General Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues. He does not believe the 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms. This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. Then pass the link on to all the pro-gun folks you know. Hopefully the results will be published later this month.

(Editor’s note: poll is no longer available)

Here is my response:

My friend, the problem is, Holder is RIGHT.  The Constitution – even the Second Amendment – does NOT give us the right possess arms.  GOD GIVES US THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR – to possess – ARMS.  NO MAN CAN GIVE US THAT RIGHT, and NO MAN CAN TAKE THAT RIGHT AWAY FROM US.  All the Constitution was supposed to do was clearly state and “guarantee” that right – and IT HAS FAILED.

The Constitution of the united States is a DEAD LETTER.  It is an animated zombie, seeming to be in effect but in reality as dead as Rome, as dead as Carthage.  As dead as the Old Testament law.  We have a federal government and State governments that pretend to follow it, while in reality they have gutted it.  Until these thugs are dealt with, there is little or no chance of the Constitutions being restored: federal or State.  Even then, given its failure, we need something better to replace it: something in which it is clearly stated that our only King, Lawmaker, and Judge is the Great God Jehovah, and that NO human has the right to initiate force or fraud against any other human, and that every human has the right to defend themselves in any manner appropriate to the threat.

Further thoughts on this:

Too many Americans think that GOVERNMENT gives us rights; that the Founding Fathers thought these things up and “gave” us freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to a jury trial by our peers, the right to not incriminate ourselves and all the rest.  This is simply not true, and indeed, many of the Founding Fathers (Hamilton, for example, and Washington himself) were not enamored of the idea that the rights of the individual took priority.  But they never dreamed of the day when government would be so powerful and so hateful of liberty that all rights would be claimed to be “group” rights or “rights” exercised on the behalf of the people by our elected representatives and the various rulers and sub-rulers and sub-sub-rulers down to the local “law enforcement officer” (cop) on the beat and the lowest-paid petty bureaucrat with a rubber “DENIED” stamp in their hand.

Today, too many of us are the products of government-ruined, theft-funded (public) schools who have been taught that even IF there was a god, government replaced it long ago and that the State loves us, the State made us what we are, the State (or at least its soldiers) died for us, and that the State has, is, and will be saving us, our children, the environment and everything – that the State will serve and protect us, and that we have no existence outside of the State which gives us laws and liberty and license and largess.

Is it not time that we saw these monsters who call themselves our “leaders” and our “representatives” and our “judges” and our masters and saviors and all, for what they REALLY are?  Petty and not so petty tyrants and greedy, power-hungry parasites who suck us, our families, our neighbors, our communities and the world dry?

Mama’s Note: Not everyone will accept a god, let alone the specific God of the Bible, as their sovereign master. And any attempt to impose that would be a disaster for freedom every bit as much as the current worship of the state.  Each person must choose for themselves how they will conduct their lives and whom they will trust or follow. Then they must be prepared to accept the consequences for their choices and actions.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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