Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-01C: New Year’s Blues

Stupid Cop Tricks
Former Utah Patrolwoman Accused of Faking DUIs

(Yahoo) A class-action lawsuit has been filed against a former Utah Highway Patrol trooper and her superiors alleging that she filed false DUI charges during her career. The department fired Lisa Steed in November for alleged misconduct related to her duties. Attorney Michael Studebaker, who is one of the lawyers leading the class-action lawsuit, says he has been contacted by at least 40 people claiming Steed wrongfully arrested them on DUI or drug charges.

Nathan: The problem is far more than this one person.  We find corrupt cops doing stupid things constantly, and creating misery for a LOT of people.  Especially in remote rural areas, Utah patrolmen have a bad reputation for abuse and arrogance.

Stupid Politician Tricks
Judicial Watch: Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians

(CAA) The [Judicial Watch’s] top ten list, in alphabetical order, includes two Republican lawmakers, three Democrat lawmakers, the President of the United States and five members of the Obama administration:

•Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.)

•Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

•Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice

•Attorney General Eric Holder

•Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.)

•Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)

•President Barack Obama

•Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

•Rep. David Rivera (R-Fla.)

•Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius

Nathan: Yes, that is actually eleven:  according to the best reports, Rice and Clinton are NOT joined at the hip.  Some of these names I don’t recognize, but most are household-famous (or notorious).  Holder, Chu, Clinton, and Sebelius are shills for the First Citizen, of course: I think the names were selected for balance as far as branch.  Those in Congress are exempt from many criminal proceedings, but the minions of the First Citizen are not: an honest and courageous jury and judge would find these people (and most of their colleagues) guilty of capital treason and corruption.

Crash of 2009 – Lying government
Unemployment Rises for Women, African-Americans in December


Nathan: Never mind the 165,000 new jobs or the freeze in the (bogus) unemployment level, the depression is still with us, and the situation is getting worse.

Mama’s Note: The numbers would be astronomical if all the bogus government “jobs” were eliminated from the stats. If people really saw how few honest, productive jobs are left in this country, I truly think heads would roll. But OF COURSE that’s why such numbers will never be published.

Stupid government tricks
Chicago’s Cardinal: Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Like Repealing Law of Gravity


Nathan: Obviously, the good cardinal has not paid as much attention to the national Congress or state legislatures (including some near and maybe even IN his bailiwick) which HAVE passed laws in effect trying to repeal the law of gravity.  I recall one in Wisconsin years ago, where the legislature passed a law stating that water flowing through wood waste would not go more than ten feet into the soil.  Since infiltration of water into the ground works because of gravity, this was an attempt to repeal gravity.  But then, remember the way to determine the IQ of a committee (which includes congresses and legislatures):  take the IQ of the smartest person in the group and divide by the total number of feet (or hands) in the group.

Hoploclasts and Hoplophobes
FBI: Hammers and Clubs kill more than Rifles do

( In 2005, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 445, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 605. In 2006, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 438, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 618.  … For example, in 2011, there was (sic) 323 murders committed with a rifle but 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs.

Gun control isn’t about guns, it is about control.  Seeing the progress of “human rights” in the UK, where knives (KITCHEN knives) are likely to be banned in a matter of months, we can expect something similar here, at least to have people push for it.  (No wonder one Salt Lake area gun shop offers a free rock with every gun sale!)  As more and more evidence is found that points to some real serious doubts about the public story concerning the Sandy Hook killings (similar to questions raised about the Aurora theatre and several other mass killings), the entire idea behind WHY longarms are being targeted is clear:  they are more suited (despite L. Neil Smith’s claims in some stories! <grin>) to defense against organized gangs, and therefore more valuable for protection against government-gone-wild (or ANY government).

Pelosi: ‘Many Members of the Republican Caucus Don’t Believe in Government’(

Nathan: IF ONLY this were true.

Billy Graham Named to Gallup ‘Top 10 Most Admired Men’ List — for 56th Time

Nathan: I am (as always) surprised about this for several reasons.  First, professional religious people are NOT a very admirable lot, and Graham is the most successful of that category in a century.  His hypocrisy is not as blatant as many of his competitors, but he still is a hypocrite in many areas and a lover of the state.  Second, supposedly religion is unwelcome in the public sphere, and the public wants no religion in public life – yet Graham has frequently dabbled in politics.  Third, why does Gallup (given the idea that religion is bad in public life) allow people to include any preacher or cleric in their list?  Speaking of hypocritical…

Mama’s Note: Sure… but such lists are about as relevant as the winners of “American Idol” to any rational person. If ugly people want to hold a “beauty contest,” why should that upset me? I might laugh myself silly but… Who cares?

Stupid government – New religions: environists killing people
EPA Human Experiments could violate Nuremburg Code

(Washington Times) Environmental Protection Agency says no law empowers any judge to stop it from conducting illegal scientific experiments on seniors, children and the sick. That astounding assertion will be tested Friday, when a federal district court in Alexandria decides whether it has jurisdiction to hear claims made by the American Tradition Institute that EPA researchers are exposing unwary and genetically susceptible senior citizens to air pollutants the agency says can cause a variety of serious cardiac and respiratory problems, including sudden death.

Nathan: Well, this certainly warrants the appellation of “Enviro-Nazis” favored by Rush Limbaugh, doesn’t it?  Of course, if the Nuremburg Trials had been held in, say, Richmond, by a tribunal made up of German, Japanese, and Italian jurists, would the Tuskegee experiments and the internment camps have been reason to send American officials to the gallows?  Government is evil – more evil at times than other times, but evil.  Anything that is “for the common good” means that some eggs must be broken for the omelets on which the “leaders” and the bureaucrats and their loyal supporters (the majority, supposedly, in a “democracy”) get fat.

Home front – Our right to self-defense
Gun Rights Advocates: ‘There Will Be Resistance’ to Gun Control


Nathan: Apparently there is already:  I am reading and hearing more and more flat-out statements that war is inevitable: that of the 100 million or so of us who own weapons (300 million +++) there might be a couple million who will “resist” by doing more than writing a letter to their Congressman.  Funny, isn’t it?  These hoploclasts pooh-pooh the idea that the Second Amendment “authorizes” (recognizes) bearing arms as a defense against government tyranny, and thus push the very government tyranny that weapons are needed to counter.

Killing babies
CDC: 784,507 Reported Abortions in Obama’s First Year – Lowest Number in Nine Years


Nathan:  “ONLY” 3/4 of a million dead:  but people panic over less than 500 rifle deaths a year…

First Citizen mark 1.2
Obama’s Second Inauguration Begins With Another Call to Community Service


Nathan:  Not bad, if “community service” is what he might get after he has enough time on good behavior at the SuperMax outside Canon City.  Unfortunately, that is NOT what he has in mind.  It occurs to me, if we really DO get MJ decriminalized, all those prison spaces used by the POWs of the War on Some Drugs are going to be empty, and just sitting there all ready for those who are objectors to the “messiah’s” war on liberty:  the gun owners and the people who resist the ObummerCare mandates and all the rest.  Unintended consequences?

Self defense – Congress in action
New Congress: Ten Gun Bills introduced on day one

(Freedom Outpost) [Eight anti-self-defense bills were introduced by the usual suspects.] …In addition, Republican congressmen Steve Stockman (R-TX) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) put forth HR 35 and HR 133 which would end the federal law requires areas around schools to be designated as “gun free zones.” Their bills are based in reality with data that demonstrates that violence both in and around schools increased when the federal law took effect in 1990.

Nathan: As other stories report, resistance is growing – and I think this raft of bills in the House (in the Senate, they aren’t supposed to introduce any bills until the 22nd) will spark MORE resistance.  When you combine that with state-level efforts in Illinois and New York, the real question seems to be not IF there is a spark that erupts into open and actual warfare, but WHEN the spark will be struck.

I had a very sane and rational and patient person ask if New York will be the place that the “shot heard round the world” is fired THIS time.  Elderly people being told that a possible majority in Congress are planning on making their prized possessions (like WW2 vintage M1 Carbines) illegal, troops home from and sick of the mess we’ve made across the world who are now being told they can’t be trusted, and lots of other people are getting angry.

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