Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-01D: Volunteer Thugs and the “messiah”

Local Thuggery – Nazgul
Denver:85-year-old accused of felony assault with cane

(, Denver)

Nathan: Debby found this story yesterday evening on 9News Investigates (Denver Station), but it turned out to be even MORE outrageous than the original story, as reported by Political Outcast in more detail: 85-year-old jailed

(1)  the “volunteer” un-uniformed “officer” actually reached into an occupied vehicle and stole the placard out of the car.

(2)  the “volunteer” un-uniformed “officer” supposedly slammed the car door on the man, making the use of the cane self-defense – especially under Colorado law about defending yourself and since the officer may not have identified himself.

(3)  this all occurred on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Nathan: Obviously the Nazgul knows who butters his bread, and intends to put even MORE of a “fear of cop” into the general population of Denver.  But it sounds to us like the family will collect a whole lot more than $50,000 (the bond amount) from the City of Denver.  DPD is infamous for having to buy off people who have been abused by their officers.

Nathan:  Just what we need in places like Denver, “volunteer thugs.” It makes me wonder just how many cities are using volunteers who are as bad as (or worse) than the full-time cops.

Mama’s Note: The problem isn’t really who… cops, volunteers, rent-a-cops, or any other variety of thug… it’s the very idea that anyone like that should have anything to say about the peaceful actions of others… and their “immunity” when they aggress. Anyone treating people, especially an elderly person, that way pretty much deserves to be shot – and it’s too bad the guy only had a cane…

Debby: I agree.  Interesting how the news station left out so much of the story. Denver is going to be a laughingstock; they deserve to be.

Nathan:  And Denver courts just gave a man accused of hit-and-run a bail of $100,000 – yet this man was left in jail with a $50,000 bond.  Priorities, of course: even volunteer thugs have to be treated as sacrosanct.

Of course, Denver area police forces are in the news a lot, like in this latest “mass shooting spree:”

Home Front – Stupid cop tricks
Colorado: Four dead in Aurora standoff

(The Blaze) Four people, including an armed suspect, died after an hours-long police standoff Saturday at a[n Aurora,] Colorado townhome, authorities said. Police Sgt. Cassidee Carlson said a SWAT team was called after gunshots were heard at the Aurora, Colo., home at about 3 a.m. Investigators said three victims, all of them adults, appeared to have been killed before officers arrived. Carlson said the suspect shot at officers at about 8:15 a.m. and was killed during a gunfight about 45 minutes later when police entered the home. It remained unclear if officers shot the suspect or if he shot himself.

My first question, like that of several people commenting in, is “were these people really all dead BEFORE the SWAT stormed the house?  And was storming the house, Fallujah style, really the appropriate response?  Even rural communities in Colorado tend to overuse their stormtroopers – excuse me, SWAT.  And Aurora is big-time gangdom: all of the street gangs including the Blue Gang, seek to protect their turf.

White House Petition: Bill of Rights Enforcement

(, The Libertarian Enterprise)

Nathan: L. Neil Smith and others started this so-far slow-posting petition.  I’ve no doubt that many of us are reluctant to sign up and register with  I suggest the Eric Russell method (as done in his wonderful novel “Wasp”) if you really want to sign.  As Neil points out (Put Long Jaggedy Teeth in the Bill of Rights) he doesn’t expect this to be a miraculous resolution, but views it as a way to gain attention.  I suspect folks like my son and Boston T. Party would point out that there was a REASON no teeth are put into the BOR and why there has never been a true BORE (Bill of Rights Enforcement Law) passed, even though we have all sorts of other enforcement laws and rules.  (And the reason isn’t a good one, of course: See Boston’s “Hologram of Liberty”.)

The “Messiah” – Nazgul
John Roberts, Sonia Sotomayor Chosen to Swear-In Obama and Biden


Nathan:  This ties to the preceding story – I had (when younger) assumed that the reason for the Chief Justice to swear in the President was part of a balance of powers and checks and protections: that a Justice would NOT agree to swear in someone who clearly did not meet the requirements – or about which there was some doubt.  But now, this is just a formality, or proof that the courts are in cahoots with the Congress and White House over the abomination and mockery of liberty our nation has become.  They won’t even hold the oath-taking in public.  Is that because they fear that it will be too easy for someone to try and prevent it?  This reminds me of a video that Marsh sent to me.

Marsh: This video is from all the way back to the Reagan Presidency. He is sitting alongside of Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil [and Sen. Baker] enjoying an evening together at the Ford theater. A very funny act takes place on stage. With all the security that take place around any of our Presidents today, nothing the performer does could ever take place.

Nathan: Absolutely right, Marsh.  Even the water might have gotten him two or three slugs from a Secret Service sniper, and of course, the bulletproof glass around their seats would have prevented a lot.  I expect any day now we will hear of some innocent person “accidentally killed” because of something involving “presidential security” or even a threat to Pelosi or Boxer or Feinstein or Reid. (Obviously not Boehner or any other GOP type, RINO or not: based on the fact that Kaul of Gannett has not yet even been questioned about calling for their torture.)

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3 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-01D: Volunteer Thugs and the “messiah”

  1. Bear says:

    RE:Denver:85-year-old accused of felony assault with cane

    I do hope the gentleman refuses a plea bargain. I look forward to the big, tough po-po getting on the stand to explain how he was beaten up by an elderly man hobbling around with the aid of a cane.

    I suspect the prosecutor will quietly drop the charges.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Sure, but the poor old man will have spent a lot of time and money to get to that point. Too bad Denver doesn’t seem to have anyone with the balls and integrity to take this sick cop out and work him over a bit to teach him the error of his ways.


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