Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-07B

East Asian Front
Colonial flags fly as anger grows in Hong Kong

(  The founder of a group mobilising Hong Kongers to fly colonial flags said it did so because the city was worse off after 16 years of “encroachment” by Beijing, stressing it was not because of any desire to see Britain rule again. “Our freedom and everything else has gone downhill since (the handover)” said 26-year-old Danny Chan from the “We’re Hong Kongese, not Chinese” Facebook group, which has been “liked” by nearly 30,000 people.

Nathan: Neat, huh?  Sixteen years of Communist rule and the Union Jack becomes a symbol of freedom.  Makes you appreciate the relative sense of liberty that many people have.  (Thanks to “Arclein” for this one.)

First minion – Our right to self defense
Biden:  No real right to self defense
(The Liberty Joe Biden: “It is clearly within the right of the government to determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public.”

Thanks to Cliff and Scott for this one.  Cliff said, “… they are so lame, it’s worth repeating (maybe someone will believe it…*g*):”  Scott added, “Ya know, when these numb-skulls make such idiotic claims, it’d be just a tad more tolerable if they sourced it.. in other words, being that “it’s *clearly* within the right of government, etc.”, where is this visibly clear? Where does it say that ‘anywhere’, other than from the mouth of (babes)??”

Nathan: No doubt, like any good liberal or Tranzi, Uncle Joe just “feels” this must be clear.  Of course, this is a basic part of statist philosophy.  Since the state must have a “monopoly of violence” it is obvious that the state dictates what weapons it permits its subjects to have.  Once upon a time I believed that there were weapons that were not covered by the Second Amendment, but I have long ago given up that very childish and foolish notion that some weapons were “defensive” in nature and others were not appropriate.  I had, and have seen, arguments that crew-served weapons could not possibly be considered to be covered, because no one had a reason to have a cannon or a warship (18th Century) or in modern times missile or field artillery or armed aircraft or armed ships or even machine-guns.  That defeats the purpose of the God-given right to defend ourselves, if we cannot have the potential to match government weapons – weapons of offense – with our own weapons of defense.  Even in 1787, private citizens and companies owned armed ships – warships that were designed to be merchant ships – with crew-served weapons: naval cannon.  And history records that more than one settler-owned and -occupied frontier fort was equipped with cannon: protection against raiders, whether other nation’s (especially British and Spanish, later Mexican) forces or criminals/outlaws, or AmerInds.  (Keep in mind that although some settlers purchased their land (or the right to use the land) from one tribe or band of AmerInd, that did not keep them from being raided by other tribes – whether enemies or allies of the tribe granting the land.)

Home Front – TSA Thuggery (missing)
California: Government-issued ID NOT required to pass through TSA Security

(KPIX Channel 5)

Nathan: This isn’t prisonplanet or some “say the magic words” site.  This is a Mainstream Media, CBS Affiliate in Babylon-by-the-Bay – San Francisco itself, who went through and tested this in various airports and found (a) you don’t have to use government-issued ID (or ANY ID), and (b) the TSA agents there in the Bay area are NOT running them through a goat rope in revenge for doing this.  Of course, we know that many TSA agents HAVE retaliated against travelers for less than this.  And we also have to ask why the TSA are doing this, after decades of “government-issued ID” (and situations where only SOME government-agency-issued IDs have been acceptable).

Hoplophiles – Hoploclasts
Connecticut: Legal Immigrant Schools Gun Haters on American History

(Freedom Outpost) Following Bill Stevens’ passionate defense of the Second Amendment at the Connecticut State Capitol at a public hearing on gun violence, legal immigrant Henson Ong gave his testimony. Ong recited America’s own history with guns and gun control and declared that the problem of mass shootings was not the availability of guns, but rather the change that has brought about such things was “societal decay.”

Nathan: If this can be multiplied by 500 (10 per state)… sigh,the gun haters and gun fearers WILL NOT CHANGE.  Still, it is nice to read and watch. 

New Religions: Global warming
Administration’s New Climate Report: Next Ice Age ‘Has Now Been Delayed Indefinitely’


Nathan: What a relief!  As I sit here trying to stay warm, seeing the 10-12 inches of snow fallen in the last 72 hours, hearing about 30-40 inches in New England, hearing reports of several feet of snow (finally) on the passes and in places like Lead, it is refreshing to hear where the minions of the “messiah” are on this issue.  In the great tradition of King Alfred, the natural processes of the planet will be halted for the good of mankind.

Strange events
Benedict XVI: ‘My Strengths, Due to an Advanced Age, Are No Longer Suited to an Adequate Exercise of the Petrine Ministry’

Nathan: This is quite a surprise, and somehow, health does not quite seem enough of a reason – except that Benedict has been surprising in many things, so this is just one more.  You cannot help but ask if something strange – besides ill health – is going on, and who will benefit.  Admittedly, it is harder to snuff a pope with poison or a smothering pillow these days.  It is interesting to see how the hate-social-media is responding with not just glee but encouragement for him to off himself, not just step down.

Mama’s Note: As a former Catholic, I can tell you the real problem. Benedict was never truly accepted; by the world, nor by the church… not because he is not a good and humble man, but simply because he was NOT Pope John Paul II. There was never any hope that he could measure up to John Paul, and neither will the next one. The church is split so badly now, that this may well be the beginning of the end. The man who follows Benedict may well be the last one.

As is Ron Paul, John Paul was unique, and the world is not graced with their like very often.

Congress in action – Theft by government
Sen. Rand Paul: ‘The Sequester Is a Pittance’

Nathan: Anyone WILLING to do the math has known this all along.  It is more smoke and mirrors, more bogus posturing.  They (Congress, White House, etc.) JUST DON’T CARE.  They clearly figure (a) there won’t be a collapse, OR (b)  When there IS a collapse, THEY will be able to escape the results.  Somewhere, somehow.  And they do not care about their duties, their constituents, their “bosses” or their relatives or neighbors or anything else but them, their families, and their buddies and wealth.

Islamic war: Persian front
Iran, Marking 1979 Revolution, Predicts ‘Islamic Awakening’ Will Spread

Nathan: Obviously, since 1979 there has been a tremendous awakening as to the reality of that death-cult called Islam, and the evil found within it, and which it has dealt to the world.  The evil and corruption often seen in western governments – including that of the disUnited States – is just that, a corruption of the ideals and principles which are the foundation of western civilization.  The evil and corruption in Islam, whether Shia or Sunni, from Wahhabism to the Nation of Islam, was there from the beginning, in that pedophile, robber, and murderer that started the “faith.”  And has continued since.  May MORE people awaken to the dangers and evils of what Iran practices.

Stupid government tricks – Islamic war: Afghan front
Gen. John Allen Leaves Afghanistan: ‘We Are Winning’

Nathan: Once again a WONDERFUL relief.  My friends and neighbors and acquaintances – especially those who had the privilege to serve over there, are going to rejoice at this news.

Congress in action – the “messiah’s” wannabe minions
Sen. Graham Vows to Delay Obama’s Nominees to ‘Get to the Bottom of Benghazi’

Nathan: This will only last until Graham has milked as much publicity as possible, and then the “business as usual” will return.

Stupid government
SEAL who killed bin Laden now welfare case

( The SEAL who actually shot bin Laden on the Pakistani raid left the service three years before eligible for retirement and now lives in poverty dependent on charity.

Nathan: I am commenting on this primarily to point out that our beloved government shafts even its most loyal and faithful servants when they no longer can or will serve.  Nothing is said about WHY he left with only seventeen years: why he didn’t sweat out the last three years to get his 20 and retirement and benefits for life.  It almost certainly was NOT a disability, or he’d be drawing something from VA now.

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