Domestic Terror as a Response to Foreign Terror

Islamic war: American front – Home front
1 Chechen Terrorist Killed, the Other Sought: Wild Night of Bombs, Gunfire As a Major U.S. City Now ‘Shelters in Place’


Nathan: So, now we know – it IS right-wing, fundamentalist, religious and separatist extremists that killed and wounded these people.  A 19- and 20-year-old (or 26-year-old): young and emotional.  AND “white.”  So all the media were right?  Well, gee, they are Chechen – Mulsim Chechnyans. The worldwide Islamic war AGAIN washes ashore, and two young thugs (with or without aid and support) have pushed the United States just another step further into the hideous world of the police state.

Look at The Blaze for some of the hideous pictures of the police state coming out of Boston this morning, as the cops and the feebs and the rest go into an orgy of lockdown and kill-lust.

The Blaze: Boston Lockdown Photos

Nathan: This kind of response MIGHT be appropriate IF there were a death squad – similar to what was done in Bombay a few years ago, or the Breslin Massacre in Russia a few years ago. It is NOT appropriate for a city where there is a SINGLE known fugitive at large after stupidly trying to rob a 7-Eleven.  This is all theatre, as the feds, state, and city governments all try to demonstrate how dangerous this is and how responsive they are to “public safety.”

We see the mailed fist:  the cops stalk the streets in military uniforms and with military equipment, vehicles, and weapons, sighting guns on citizens that can clearly have NOTHING to do with the bombing, the firefights, and the robbery attempt.  The authorities have the excuse they want to HAVE martial law without really declaring it. If “Suspect #2” is not captured soon, it becomes an excuse to expand the zone of martial law more and more. Inevitably, someone – many someones – will get killed by the cops: either in a repeat of the panicked reaction with the rogue cop in Southern California, or because someone reacts in a way that some cop, hyped and panicked and armed to the teeth, thinks is a threat.  Or a dozen other scenario.

But will the government ever get down to the nitty-gritty and see what it did to create this situation?  Don’t hold your breath.  There are many MANY questions that need to be asked and won’t be – that need to be answered.

Meanwhile, if ordinary people had been more vigilant, trained and observant and armed and prepared to take action, and if schools had not been government-ruined and theft-funded, if … if… if…

Get OUT of the cities if you can, get prepared for what you know you should do to protect yourself, your family, your friends, your community.  And prepare for things to get a LOT worse.

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