Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-19D: Nanny state – Police state

A few stories from this week I meant to cover earlier!
The “messiah” – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt

Obama: State Dep’t. That Didn’t Interview Clinton ‘Investigated Every Element’ of Benghazi


Nathan: Of COURSE they did – just like they have honored every political promise that they ever made and have ALWAYS told the truth.

Corruption – the “messiah”
White House: No Comparison Between Obama and Nixon


Nathan: This is a fine time for them to bring up the fact that the current resident of 1600 PA is black.  So?

Mama’s Note: It’s even more confusing since Obama is only half black, at best.

Congress in action – Theft and corruption by government
Bipartisan Congressional Demand: Provide All Communications Between IRS and WH About Targeting Conservatives


Nathan: This demand is even more of a joke than usual from Congress.  And just how many troops do they have to actually go and collect the data from the White House?

Congress in action – Stupid actions
Rep. Steve King: Gang of 8 Immigration Bill ‘Destroys the Rule of Law’


Nathan: This is a tad too late, Mr. King.  Rule of Law?  What is that? Some myth from a century ago?

Mama’s Note: Ah, but the “rule of law” is a complete myth, and has always served as a justification for increased state power.

See “The Myth of “The Rule of Law.”

The notion of the rule of law would only make sense if the state was an entity external to human interaction, as if it were not made up of human beings but was enforced through some natural or supernatural mechanism. But the state is quite clearly created and administered by acting human beings. It is not some sort of intrinsic mechanism of nature that functions independently of human action, or the result of the will of some deity.

African Collapse – Islamic wars: African front
Nigerian Leader Admits Parts of the Country Now Under Control of Jihadists


Nathan: This certain must be a surprise to all the people that have been killed, abused, and terrorized in those three states.

Culture wars: killing babies – Nazgul
GOP House Members on Gosnell Abortion-Murder Convictions: ‘There Are Kermit Gosnells All Over America’


Nathan: This verdict is not justice, it is an opportunity for more and more babies to be killed:  a slap on the wrist for this monster.  Of course, the charges were set up this way from the git-go; it is okay to kill children INSIDE the woman, just not outside.  And do it in a clean murder chamber, okay?

Stupid government tricks – Theft by government
Interior Department Spends $472,150 to Train Fish to ‘Recognize and Avoid Predators’


Nathan: Okay… This makes so much sense – if you think fish can be trained.  Bureaucrats can’t be trained (or is it, “untrained”?), but maybe you CAN train fish?  Like teaching a horse to sing?  By the way, is this recognition to be in the water or out of the water?

Stupid government tricks – Theft by government
Stimulus: $152K to Get Lesbians Ready for ‘Adoptive Parenthood’


Nathan: This makes almost as much sense as the fish training.  Why would you expect someone who has exchanged the natural sexual relations for unnatural ones” to have anything resembling a normal, natural “motherly instinct?”  (Look, I am a self-governor, and if someone wants to have sex with someone of the same sex, that is their business, as long as they don’t scare animals or small children while doing it.  But I don’t have to accept it as good, right, natural, godly, or anything other than a perversion which is counter both to nature and to morals.  But I DO most strongly object when government sees it as its business to teach ANYone, lesbian or not, to be a mother, ANYone, homosexual or not, to be a father, or anything else that IS NOT A POWER THAT GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE.

Mama’s Note: So far, I’ve not found anyone who can tell me just what “power” any non-voluntary government should legitimately have.  In my book, there is none.

Theft by government – Corruption of the “messiah’s” minions
ACLJ Calls on IRS to Approve Tax-Exempt Status for 10 Tea Party Groups


Nathan: This is too little, too late.  For more than a year – during an election year! – they were not tax exempt.  And they were required to submit thousands of items of data.  If elections really meant anything, this would have been devastating.  I see a lot of “libertarians” posting things on line about how none of these organizations should be tax-exempt, that they all (and churches and schools and everything else) should pay taxes.  WRONG ANSWER, people.  If you don’t like some organization or group that you hate or despise getting tax breaks, the PROPER solution is to get rid of the taxes for EVERYONE.  Just like the answer to IRS bullying and nosiness is to GET RID of the IRS.

The “messiah’s” minions – Theft by government
Holder: ‘We Are Examining the Facts to See If There Were Criminal Violations’


Nathan: This is another joke: the only reason this agency led by this criminal would try to determine if something was criminal would be if they were planning to do it themselves and wanted to make sure it was definitely illegal to give themselves more of a thrill.

Congress in action
Rep. King: Obamacare Is Very Bad, But Immigration Bill Is Worse


Nathan: This is hard to believe. I suppose it might be better to be killed then raped, instead of raped and then killed, but is it really that significant a difference?

Mama’s Note: No difference to the dead, obviously. All legislation eventually results in less liberty and justice, and these are certainly no exception.

Home front – Stupid Tranzi words
Bill Clinton: Boston Bombers ‘Were Not as Empowered as You Are’


Nathan: This is bogus, but it raises a valid point.  Elections being meaningless, what “power” do individuals (by themselves or in a group) have to control their own lives, their own society, their own government?  Actually, the two bombers made more of an impact on society (and not in a good way) than everyone else in the state of Massachusetts that day.  NOT GOOD.

World wars – search for resources
China Seeks Foothold in Arctic Group As Competition Heats Up for Region’s Resources


Nathan: This is bizarre.  As is letting India, Japan, and Korea join.  I can’t, for the life of me, find a globe that shows that any of these four nations have ANY foothold in the Arctic itself.  But this isn’t about reality, just politics.  Scummy, dirty, politics.

Mama’s Note: Well, who or what has the legitimate AUTHORITY to prevent them from joining together to homestead any uninhabited area of the globe? If the area is inhabited, they will need to deal with those people. Others might offer to help in their defense in an invasion, but otherwise everyone just needs to mind their own business.

Congress in action
Reid: ‘Where Was Their Outrage When Groups on the Other Side of the Political Spectrum Were Under Attack’?


Nathan: This is so typical of Reid: he does a wonderful job of bouncing accusations back.  Sadly, too many people believe him.  And by the way, can anyone tell me just when the IRS did this to which transnational progressive, liberal, socialist, America-bashing, anti-religion groups?  Under whom?  Nixon?  Ford?  Reagan? Bush I?  Bush II?

Home front
Police Chief Asks Citizens for Ammo, Gets 1,500 Round Loan Amid Strong Response

( ) As the “Great Ammunition Shortage” continues, police departments across the country are struggling to supply their arsenals. One police chief turned to the community for help, and citizens stepped up.

Nathan: Gee, maybe they could have a bake sale, and people could pay for the pies and cookies with bullets instead of little green pieces of paper.

Drug War and the Nanny State
NTSB: Get tougher on drunken driving

(Washington Post) The NTSB wants state legislatures to drop the measure from the current blood-alcohol level of .08 to .05, about that caused by a dry martini or two beers in a 160-pound person. The .08 standard could allow the same person to drive legally

Nathan: For once, Sean Hannity was right: this is about money and control.  People should be punished for what they DO and not what they “might” do in a one-size fits all nanny-police state.  Watch as Congress introduces and passes yet another bill tying highway funding to states’ passing yet another alcohol control law.

Mama’s Note: Aside from that, there’s the little problem of calibration of the devices used to measure. Most of those devices are not monitored for accuracy anyway, but .05 is well below the threshold of most of them. It is entirely possible for the device to read this level even when the person has not had ANY alcohol, and most certainly if certain foods were consumed recently. This bogus “law” will be challenged in court, and hopefully eliminated.

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