Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-20A: Tyranny American-style

Hoploclasts & Hoplophobes – Government-run Theft-funded institutions
Bloomberg Uses Commencement Speech to Push Gun Control, Rail Against ‘Extremist’ NRA


Nathan: Several people have pointed out that this seems to be the “marching orders” given to the Tranzi speakers for the college commencement speech season (which is, not surprisingly) dominated by the liberal/Tranzi sort of speaker.  Bash guns, bash gun-owners, bash organizations that support liberty.  Sadly, they are preaching to an audience too naive and too stupid to do anything but embrace their foolishness.  (But remember, virtually NONE of them had any chance to avoid listening to this claptrap, because their parents decided to abuse them by sending them to GRTF schools.)

Stupid government – Nanny state
HHS:’Telework’ Gives Gov’t Employees More Time for ‘Planning and Preparing Healthy Meals’


Nathan: Well, I guess this would mean that a total lack of employment would REALLY give people more time to plan and prepare.  Which of course, playing right into the hands of HHS bureaucrats looking for more power and budget.  Now, how about applying this idea to GRTF school students: let THEM teleschool to have more time to plan and prepare good meals – oh, that’s right, the schools are the ones who provide good “healthy meals” for the students: parents are too stupid to do that (even if they provide their own when they telework?)  Oh, wait! (Sarcasm alert) THAT’s the solution: make businesses provide good, healthy meals to all their employees at home OR work – they can save on the cost and deduct it from their workers’ pay!

The “messiah’s” consort – Nanny state
First Lady Expands Anti-Obesity Campaign to Museums


Nathan: … and zoos, apparently (according to another story).  Can’t have fat mummies or manikins, or fat zebras or bears or penguins, eh?  One more avenue to spew government propaganda into the minds of children and their families: today it is about “healthy eating” and tomorrow about “healthy gunfree homes” and ratting out your parents for unhealthy lifestyles, including drinking too much tea…

The “messiah’s” minions – Tyranny
Obama’s Point Man: ‘The Law Is Irrelevant’


Nathan: He is, of course, just stating what they’ve been practicing for the last five years.

Mama’s Note: Well… the “law” is irrelevant to whatever they decide to do, of course, but they can’t make enough of them fast enough to impose on the rest of us. But, we all knew that…

Mainstream media – Tyranny
Associated Press CEO Calls Seizure of Phone Records Unconstitutional


Nathan: Oh dear.  The sleeper awakes?  Much as I’d like to believe it, the press is no longer even pretending to be a guardian of liberty – except (maybe) their own.  As long as it is not THEIR phone records, it is obvious that the mainstream media does not care what the FedGov seizes.  I am reminded of what happened to the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Dritte Reich: after they helped the SS and Gestapo to round up everyone else, guess who was NEXT?

Stupid government – Theft by government
Prison Poetry Website Locks Down $75,000 NEA Grant


Nathan: Given recent revelations about the intimate relationships between prison guards and inmates in many prisons, this makes sense:  the romance of women guards “falling in love” with felons and having their babies no doubt provides much emotion for the writing of poetry.

Mama’s Note: Sure, but I wonder what the “grant” is actually for. A pad of paper and a pencil are all that is actually required to write anything, and it would seem that could easily come out of petty cash. Wonder what they’re actually doing with all that money?

Stupid government – Theft by government
Government to Spend $146,944 Texting Low-Income People with Depression


Nathan: Talk about depressing – getting texts of encouragement from government agencies?  I wonder how many government jobs THIS created?  Even one?

Mama’s Note: One MORE reason I’m glad I don’t have a cell phone, let alone one capable of receiving these poison pills. I do wonder, however, just where the text operators would get the names and phone numbers of the “depressed” targets?

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Fierce Fighting Reveals Deeper Hezbollah Involvement in Syrian Civil War


Nathan: Like Mesopotamia and Egypt and Libya and Bosnia, this draws all the wrong crowd – as individuals and groups – to go and either die for Allah and the Profit (or is that Prophet) or other sickening things.  Only the faithful are allowed to do so, of course:  if it is infidels which are doing this, THEY are “Crusaders” and evil.

Tyranny – Theft by government
Congressman Gets Standing Ovation for Telling IRS It Strikes Fear Into Americans


Nathan: Amazing that one of these guys would actually be applauded for telling the truth.  Usually, the loudest cheers are reserved for the biggest lies.

Mama’s Note: Not too surprising, actually. The IRS is caught with its tit in a wringer right now, so it is fair game for those wanting to convince constituents they are fighting “corruption.” Not one of them, however, has introduced a bill to eliminate the IRS or the income tax, etc. And you can be very sure none of them will go anywhere near it.

Tyranny – Theft by government
Dem Congressman on IRS Scandal: ‘I Am Not Convinced That This Is Some Great Political Conspiracy’


Nathan: Shades of “peace in our time” and “give peace a chance” and “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

The “messiah”
Obama Tells Morehouse Graduates, ‘ I Might Have Been in Prison’


Nathan: If only… And of course, it is hope beyond hope that he might still end up there.

The “messiah’s” consort – The “messiah’s” failures
Michelle Obama Tells Graduates: ‘I Could Take Up a Whole Afternoon Talking About’ Barack Obama’s Failures


Nathan: Such a loving wife indeed.  “Stand by my man.”  Excuse me, where is the bathroom?

Tyranny – War on religion
Will U.S. Designate Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and Nigeria As Religious Freedom Violators on Monday?


Nathan: Will the US name itself in this category?  Notice, all of these (yes, even Nigeria) are Muslim-dominated.  The connexion is pretty obvious, but they are far from the only ones, and the list of US offenses seems to grow daily.

Tyranny – Stupid government tricks  – War on religion
Vietnam Again Escapes Blacklisting, As State Dep’t. Cites ‘Positive’ Moves on Religious Freedom


Nathan: Hmmm.  I suppose that there were years when the Roman Imperial government would have shown some “positive moves” when the number of christians fed to the lions dropped for a year or so – even if the cause was a shortage of lions or christians.

Tyranny – Theft by government
Grassley: IRS Told Pro-Life Group to Swear It Would Not Protest Planned Parenthood


Nathan: If true, it indicates this is about more than just harassment and intimidation.  There is clearly some connection (conspiracy) between the IRS and DHS – and probably DOJ as well.

Tyranny – Theft by government
IRS Targeted Conservatives in an Attempt to ‘Be More Efficient,’ Says Outgoing IRS Chief


Nathan: The more “efficient” government is, the more “tyrannical” it is.  This smells like the most efficient governments: “Guilty unless proven innocent.”

Tyranny – Theft by government
Lew: ‘I Will Not Cross That Line Into the Administration of the Tax System’


Nathan: All the benefits and none of the responsibility?  Or would he consider that to be a pleasure that he is missing out on?

Stupid government tricks
IG: Ex-US Attorney in Arizona Retaliated Against Fast and Furious Whistleblower


Nathan: Of course he did – loyalty to his boss and the “messiah” is more important than any mere oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws – Weinstein claims that christians preaching to other christians in the military is “treason,” but it seems to me that Fast and Furious meets any reasonable definition of treason more.

The “messiah’s” minions – Tyranny
Top Obama Aides Knew of IRS Audit But Say Obama Was Not Told


Nathan: “Falling on your sword for your boss?”

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