Libertarian Commentary on the News 313-20B: Stupid government and more

Abominable Act – Stupid government
Sebelius: ‘Expanding Access to Health Coverage Is a Responsibility Belonging Chiefly to National Governments’


Nathan: Funny, funny, but perhaps she can show us just where we can find this “responsibility” in the US Constitution?  Or in any serious work on the needs of humans for government – like the Bible?  Who decided this belongs chiefly to “national governments” – or indeed, ANY government at ANY level?  There is NO justification for government to control so vital and large a segment of an economy that should of ALL sectors value personal choice.  How this woman developed this attitude growing up in a place like Kansas should worry us all.

Mama’s Note: There is no justification for any non voluntary government to control anything. There, fixed it for you.

Hoplophobes & Hoploclasts – Stupid government
New guns effectively banned in California

( ) California has effectively banned the sale of all new guns after Attorney General Kamala Harris officially certified a law that will require all new semiautomatic handguns to use technology that stamps identifying information on bullet casings.

Nathan: The more we disarm California, in many ways, the better for the rest of us.  The good people (as well as the criminals) will ignore this sort of nonsense or move out of the state; the truly stupid or braindead will obey and perhaps get weeded out.  Meanwhile, the guns will flow in from even places like Oregon. What does California intend to do, build a wall?

Tyranny – Theft by government
Protesters chant ‘IRS has got to go’ in Cincinnati

(AP) Chanting “IRS has got to go,” tea party activists are rallying in Cincinnati to protest extra IRS scrutiny of their groups. Waving such signs as “internal revenge service” and some wearing Colonial-era attire, members of tea party

Nathan: Well, good for them, but seriously do they think that THIS is going to work?  Until and unless people EN MASSE start to refuse to support or kowtow to the IRS, through every possible means of peaceful resistance until in frustration and desperation the employees of the IRS resort to instigation of armed violence against peaceful people, we will see the tyranny and the fear grow and grow.  Enough is enough: END the IRS.  END the FED.

Islamic wars
Husby riots reveal profound failure

(Aftonbladet via EuroPress) The riots that have broken out in recent days in the suburbs of Stockholm show that the many immigrants who live there have not been integrated. The fault lies with the government and the lack of political will to take action on education and employment.

Nathan: A typical liberal/Tranzi view, and completely wrong.  First, we have to point out that the majority of these “immigrants” in the “suburbs” (exterior ghettos) are Islamic, and apparently ALL of those participating in the riots: the burning of schools and stores and public buildings, the destruction of private and public property, and the attacks on others – ALL of these are Muslim.  Lack of education is a ridiculous excuse:  REAL immigrants seek out and get education in their new homeland.  The idea of unemployment being a cause shows even more stupidity.  The only reason that Sweden has so many immigrants (especially from southern European and Middle Eastern and Saharan countries) is because it was short of workers: these were guest workers.  Now, the children (and even grandchildren) of those guest workers are bums on the Swedish people’s dime.  So action on employment should consist of telling people that no longer are guest “workers” that it is time to go home – with their families.  This is NOT “action on employment.”  Nor do the Swedish people as a whole have any responsibility to educate the children of guest workers – any more than they have a responsibility to educate the children of Chinese or Indian workers who produce goods for Sweden.  The Swedish socialist dream is ending in fire and terror.

Home front: No self defense
911 Dispatcher Tells Woman About To Be Sexually Assaulted There Are No Cops To Help Her Due To Budget Cuts

(CBS Seattle)  “Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there,” the 911 dispatcher told the woman. “You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away? Do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?” The woman told the dispatcher that Bellah previously attacked her and left her hospitalized a few weeks prior to the latest incident. The dispatcher stayed on the phone with the woman for more than 10 minutes before the sexual assault took place.

Mama’s Note: Dial 9-1-1 and die, for sure.  Sadly, there is no real reason this woman couldn’t have had a gun and defended herself. The comments on this article are actually pretty encouraging. Most of them say she should have shot him.

Nathan: Of course, with waiting periods, she could not have gotten a gun anyway.  Obviously, Seattle cares more about not throwing away trash than they do about not throwing away people.  Isn’t it time people in urban areas learned how to, and were allowed to get the tools to, defend themselves?

Mama’s Note: I don’t know about the “waiting periods,” but wasn’t suggesting she go out and buy a gun just for this occasion, of course. She should have had a gun in her home, or on her person already – and be trained and ready to use it. That she did not was more a matter of her own choosing than any real legal barrier. The fact is that any home contains hundreds of things that could be used as a weapon, even if guns are simply not available. She chose not to defend herself, to be helpless… and that’s the sad thing.

The “Messiah” – Islamic wars: Home front
Obama: No ‘Large Scale’ Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Since I Became President


Nathan: Major Hasan doesn’t count – workplace violence.  Neither does Boston: only three dead and a couple hundred wounded:  Bostonians, at least, don’t count.

Mama’s Note: The idiot occupying the oval office is blowing smoke, as usual. If anything, he’s done more than his share to make sure the hate and excuses for “terror” remain in high gear all over the world.


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